Acquiring rights to some music

Hey everyone. I’m preparing for a western I’m filming next summer and there’s a few songs I want to be able to use which are:

The duel music from The Forgotten Pistolero (used in Red Dead Revolver)


The main theme from ‘The Grand Duel’ (also used in Kill Bill)

Anyone know who I can contact for this?

Nobody owns them I think, but if you anyway want to know, talk with the staff of CD corparations that gave them out on CD.

Any ideas on who I can contact?

it depends on the studio that owns the rights to the music… maybe lookup the cds they were last released on, like the soundtracks, and see what studio/music label released the cds and who owns the label. They may or may not own the rights to the music, they could of just paid whoever does own the rights to the music to use the songs, but if you can contact them they could point you the right way… if they respond to you, which there’s a good chance they won’t respond

might give this a look too

Well, Lionel G. Woodman’s Hillside CD Productions was involved in the Forgotten Pistolero cd release and as he has the rights (at least to put out on cd) to a lot of the spaghetti western scores maybe it was an idea to contact him. At least he should be able to point you in the right direction(s): /

Good luck, amigo.

Good luck with the film!

Thanks. I usually use whatever music I want when I make short videos, but I’m trying to make more serious films. Royalty free is alright, but if I can somehow get permission to use at least a couple songs, it would really enhance the film.