Ace High / I quattro dell’Ave Maria (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1968)

Part two of Colizzi trilogy,i find his first 2 films o.k. but cat was never shown being deadly enough it was more implied than deminstrated. a little more gun play would have been nice.ace high was a overlylong also.i prefer god forgives…but i give this one 3 stars.

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Agreed. God forgives… is the best movie in the trilogy where Boot Hill is clearly the worst of the lot. Ace High ain’t bad though, an enjoyable movie, didn’t think it overlong. 3 stars is about right, though.

it’s overambitious I think, which hurts the film. It wants to be epic, but it’s just very long and the writing is not so good… it had potential though…

I find this film boring, as like already stated the film is to long.

Eli Wallach spaghetti western roles are somewhat a disappointment after his first role in a spaghetti western.

Have to see this again, in an uncut version.

Colizzi is the most underrated director of SWs, all his 3 SWs are of similar quality, but I think that Boot Hill is the best of them, and whilst nobody likes this one, it’s also the most underrated.

Only Leone and Corbucci (in his best films) were more stylish directors than Colizzi.

Just bad. Not so humorous like the best BS-TC films. The only good thing in this movie is Eli…

Because it’s no comedy!

They Call Me Trinita was their first comedy, but the foundations of their partnership were layed in the 3 Colizzi westerns.

I also think that Colizzi’s SWs are not so reputable amongst SW fans BECAUSE Spencer/Hill are starring in them.

You can tell that it has the highest budget of the trilogy but i prefer “God forgives… I don’t”

[quote=“stanton, post:7, topic:648”]I also think that Colizzi’s SWs are not so reputable amongst SW fans BECAUSE Spencer/Hill are starring in them.[/quote]Yes I think so too, there are some sw fans who doesn’t want to watch any of Hill &/or Spencer films because they think they’re all comedies. It doesn’t help that most of their serious films have been marketed as comedies.

A couple of these film were given a comedy dub in Germany for some reason

Unfortunately this is true. Since the Trinity movies starring Spencer/Hill were so popular, producers tried to dub the serious movies of the duo with comedy versions in order to repeat the success of the Trinity movies. Bad, bad thing !!! For instance ‘Preparati la bara’ (Django und die Bande der Gehängten) was redubbed and retitled into ‘Joe der Galgenvogel’. The hard scenes were cut and the story became completely different 'cause of the dub. Even though Spencer is not in the movie and has nothing to do with ‘Preparati la bara’ Hill is constantly referring to him and talking about him as ‘Der Dicke’ (the fatty or something like that) !!! That comedy version is completely bullshit !!!

haha yeah but thank god the uncut serious stuff is available for some time now.

and ace high: the paramount dvd is really decent

I want that fucking paramount shit. God damn. It is the only decent release, is it?

But the Paramount DVD is not uncut. About 10 min missing. I have an uncut italian version which runs 126 min which means 131 min cinema running time.

Unfortunately my italian is as good as my chinese.

[quote=“stanton, post:14, topic:648”]But the Paramount DVD is not uncut. About 10 min missing.[/quote]Daamn! I didn’t realize that. >:(

Not a bad spag but, as already stated, too long for its own good. Wallach and Kevin McCarthy are excellent in it, though. I’ve watched it a couple times so I must like it…


With the people involved in this movie…it simply should have been better.
I have seen the long, uncut Italian version and frankly it doesn’t help the movie much, if at all.
It does add a little more depth to why Eli wants revenge so badly; but, that can’t save this movie, in my opinion.

GOD FORGIVES–I DON’T is easily my favorite of Colizzi’s work.

Well said. God Forgives - I Don’t is excellent. It’s great finally being able to see it widescreen in a language I understand…

The one I watched was the full version, and I liked it very much.
I happen to enjoy slow-paced movies, they’re good as to develop their characters.
But actually, I don’t think Ace High is slow… (I’d definitely say that 'bout Four of the Apocalypse and Death Rides a Horse, which ARE slow!)

8 out of 10 (4 stars)

Obviously, I liked this movie so much I named myself after it…