Absolute Spaghetti Western Essentials on DVD


Well, i have the leone films, and the great silence, and Django, as well as a few others on order which i should get any day now. I want to know what everyone feels are the other most essential Spaghetti Westerns to get on DVD. It doesnt have to be the most violent or action packed…but i do appreciate the best quality acting/dialogue and story above all. For instance, what makes The great silence a 4 star western film, vs Django which id say is more of a 3 star film due to a lot of the lackluster acting/dialogue and questionable music in certain parts of it. Anyway, enough rambling…if everyone could give me one or two of their other “essential” choices that can be found on official DVD (preferably in the USA as well)…id really appreciate it!

(Musket) #2

I think “Il mercenario” and “Vamos a matar companeros” are both good work 's by Sergio Corbucci.Both are Zapata Western , I like the cast espcially in Il mercenario. Both Movies are “lighty” movies you know ,just watch and have fun :wink:

(Sebastian) #3

you should also look into Sollima’s films, his three spaghetti westerns are all A-grade films.

(cigar joe) #4

If you want stuff close to Leone in production values then go with these that you don’t have yet:
Hi Jonny Ringo these are absolutely essential

The Mercenary - 4 stars (No R1 yet)
Companeros - 4 stars (Anchor Bay R1)
A Bullet For The general - 4 stars (Anchor Bay R1)
Run Man Run - 4 stars (Blue Underground R1)
Death Rides A Horse - 4 stars (no decent R1)
The Big Gundown - 4 stars (no decent R1)

Keoma - 3 stars (Anchor Bay R1 )* score is not for everyone
A Man Called Sledge - 3 stars (Columbia Tristar R1)
Renegade - 3 1/2 stars (Columbia Tristar R1)* Native American Mysticism/Spaghetti Western the main duel is in the drug induced spirit world


thanks so much everyone, i have some hunting to do right now then! ill let you know what i get a hold of, and eventually how i like them!

(Mannaja) #6

Also, these are must haves:

  • Mannaja (of course…)
  • A pistol for Ringo
  • The Return of Ringo
  • Johnny Yuma
  • The forgotten pistolero

(Indio) #7

I know they’re just comedy/spoofs, but they’re hilarious and great, of course I’m referring to the Trinity films starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. “They Call Me Trinity” is the best and then also “They Still Call Me Trinity”.