About the past box office results of spaghetti western movies

It seems that similar questions have been asked several times on this site, so please let me know again. I would like to know the top 10 Spaghetti Western films of all time in Italy. thank you.

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I have been trying to put this Italian box office figures into English. Up to about 330 so far with another 100 to go.

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In the appendix of Austin Fisher’s excellent book Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence and Popular Italian Cinema (2011), there is a list of the 100 “Highest Grossing Italian Westerns, 1962–1980 (Domestic Prima Visione Box-office Returns).” The first ten are (2014 paperback edition, p. 219):

1 … continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità
2 Per qualche dollaro in più
3 Il mio nome è Nessuno
4 Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo
5 Per un pugno di dollari
6 Lo chiamavano Trinità …
7 … e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico
8 Un genio, due compari, un pollo
9 C’era una volta il West
10 Zanna Bianca


First of all, I’m Japanese, so I can’t understand English well.I apologize if my writing is incorrect.I am making and uploading videos about spaghetti westerns to YouTube in Japan.
I previously compiled and uploaded a ranking of the popularity of spaghetti westerns on the internet.What I noticed was that, similar to the example mentioned in the comments, there were works that were considered unpopular in Japan at the top.So I wanted to know about works that were hits in Italy but were unknown in Japan.Thank you everyone for your comments. I especially found the box office numbers published in books about Spaghetti Westerns to be helpful.Thank you for your help

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I run a small channel with the title ”マカロニウエスタン専門チャンネル”(“Macaroni Western Specialty Channel”).



Austin Fisher’s list; more stats on his website:

“Thanks to the eagle-eyed community of the Spaghetti Western Database […].”

Thank you everyone for your many comments. And when I saw the valuable materials, I was amazed. I found it interesting to see the differences in the works supported by different countries. Thank you very much.

Terrrence Hill killed it.