A Woman for Ringo / Dos pistolas gemelas / Una donna per Ringo (Rafael Romero Marchent, 1966)

(morgan) #1

Dos pistolas gemelas

Una donna per Ringo – but which one??? We have a pair of twins, Pil and Jenny, played by Spanish Pilar and Emilia Bayona. They look pretty much alike, and to make it nearly impossible to know who is who, they always wear exactly the same costumes. The sisters were actually twins and 19 years old when they made the film. They can hit anything they aim at with a rifle, and they can sing and dance too. And, of course they are both duly spanked within the first thirty minutes of the film. If you can take all this, I think you will be all right with this one. The guy that made the film’s poster must have been a little carried away though.

(Martin) #2

Did you watch the Italian DVD? The Spanish version on YouTube is horrible.

(morgan) #3

Yes, the Italian one. Much better. It came together with Savage Pampas. Not sure how that happened. If you go to El Cjorro on amazon.it you will find that that El Cjorro is frequently bought together with Una Donna Per Ringo. That’s me!

(Søren) #4

And me :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #5

I watched this few years ago.

Adventures of sharpshooting twin sisters in the west. Film starts as a lame comedy but gets bit more serious and better towards end with some good action scenes. Sean Flynn does a good job impersonating Gemma in the role of Ringo.

I also watched the italian version. Has this ever been released in english?

(Tom B.) #6

The last I read the twins were running a boutique in London.

(scherpschutter) #7

True. I watched a couple of minutes a few days ago, when the film was mentioned on these pages. I still remember the days of rotten VHS tapes well, but I wasn’t prepared for this mess.

(Martin) #8

I tried to watch it but had to give up after ten minutes. :dizzy_face:

(scherpschutter) #9

I found a better looking version on Dailymotion, but it was loaded up in different parts and so far I have only traced two (running time so far about 30 mns)


(Søren) #10

Or you could fork out the €4.99 the 999 copy limited Italian dvd costs on amazon:

(morgan) #11

So you didn’t sit it out to the saloon brawl can can scene?

(scherpschutter) #12

No, but I’ll try to next time …