A Town Called Hell / A Town Called Bastard (Robert Parrish, 1971)

I viewed a rather butchered version of this movie made by Genero. Has anyone seen the full version? It did not show what happened to Don Carlos (Savalas) or Martin Landau’s character. Does anyone know how many minutes the complete version is? I cannot really say the movie was good or bad until, I view the complete version first.

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My copy runs to 93 mins. I haven’t come across a longer one.

This is rather strange movie which starts promising but changes to quite boring towards the end. Savalas is brilliant as always but unfortunately his character dies too early in the film. I have the UK dvd which is also 93 minutes, so it’s probably uncut.

Very good opening and some effective images including execution and violence but as Bill said something is lost after the first half. I have the BCI Eclipse Company version, which is cropped to 4:3 and runs 95 minutes. It doesn’t show either what happened to Don Carlos.

Definitely a film that would be vastly more interesting with some better music!

not really a spaghetti western actually!

True, it’s a spanish-english co-production.

What could you call it?

Perhaps a Paella/ Fish & Chips- western ;D

haha that’s good!

I have that one too.

It’s still worthy of being called one. :slight_smile:

i used to have a tape of it called “A town called Bastard” but i sold it when i got the dvd so i don’t know if there’s any diffrence.
oh well, i didn’t think it was that great anyway, i thought it was just ok.

Original title was A Town Called Bastard. Not politicaly correct anymore, just like Django the Bastard became Strangers Gundown for the english speaking market.

Django the Bastard was called that here in the U.K.
it was Stranger’s gundown in the U.S.

I haven’t yet seen A TOWN CALLED HELL (Una Ciudad llamada Bastarda), but I certainly want to. An SW with a dream cast of good actors who are also scene chewers, this one stars Robert Shaw (most famous for his role as the fisherman Quint in JAWS), Telly Savalas, Martin Landau, Stella Stephens, Fernando Rey. Directed by Robert Parrish.

This one was filmed in Spain, but reported financed by a British company. I could not locate it in the SW Data Base.

This one supposedly has a mixed reputation, some love it and some hate it. This is probably due to there being about five different edited versions which have been on DVD or video tape over the years, many of them heavily edited television prints.

Anyone know of an unedited DVD version? Should this film be added to the SW database? What do you think of this movie?

I saw It, and It was a fair movie. There are alot of stars In this movie so that makes the movie really Interesting. But the movie Is kind of boring at time, If you find It at your lockal rental store I say, “rent It” but I wouldnt go out and buy It.

Not a great film, but you can buy it so cheap it’s worth adding to your collection. I think it could have been a hell of a lot better if a) Telly Savalas had a larger role and b) if it had a decent soundtrack. Fidenco or Nicolai maybe. It has a very Gothic feel to it, but in the end it’s a film that just doesn’t fulfill the potential of either the actors or the setting.

Yeah the whole movie your waiting to see what kind of sick revenge the woman Is gonna do and what does she do? gets the mute to shoot him In the back, It just doesnt deliver In my opinion, but I bought It for 2.50 on VHS so It was worth It :slight_smile:

For some reason this film is not very well known, and thats a shame. On IMDb it gets a poor rating and poor comments, but that is due to the fact that most copies of this film is in pan/scan and is cut to pieces in a way that makes it impossible to follow the story.
The uncut widescreen version of this film is a completly different story.
It has brilliant cinematography, great acting, a good story and it’s very violent.
It’s another revolution film about a former revolutionary (Robert Shaw) now hiding as a priest. His former revolutionary friend (Martin Landau) who is now a Colonel in the federal army he is in persue of “Aguila” the leader of the peoples revolution. Robert Shaw is of course “Aguila” and the confrontation between old friends who now believe in different causes and different means of achieving them is inevitable.
In my opinion this film belongs to the sub-top of SW’s I would rank it between 25-40 on my personal list, but make sure you get the uncut widescreen version.

I actually have the movies on vhs.Its okay but not one I would want to watch over and over.

Where did you get your uncut widescreen print from please?, as it sounds interesting!