A Stranger in Paso Bravo / Uno straniero a Paso Bravo (Salvatore Rosso, 1968)

(p.pereira) #21

I’ve got a Spanish release but didn’t watch it yet, didn’t knew anything about this relation with “And God said to Cain”, now I’m curious!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #22

Not much of a relation, just the names of the characters are the same, gary hamilton, acombar etc…

(p.pereira) #23

I watch it yesterday. Agree, same names, some similar situations but in the end they should be considered two different products.

(Phil H) #24

I find myself agreeing for the most part with Stanton’s summary of this film. (Who would have thought? :o)
It has its good points for sure (Jose Calvo being one of them) but it felt decidedly patchy to me and I, like Stan, can see why this was a one off job for the director.

And God Said to Cain is a far, far superior film in my opinion and, as someone said above, if Margheriti had bothered to change the names no one would have made a connection between his film and this one. Steffen is OK as…well…Steffen and Fajardo does his over the top bad guy thing as well as always but apart from that and Calvo’s excellent cameo it is a very middling product for me. To be fair to it, my disappointment could be partly due to its connection with AGSTC. Comparing the two is probably putting too much pressure on this film. But the fact remains that, for me, Cain is a gem and this is not.

(El Topo) #25

As I didn’t knew it was Fidani Season, I’ve watched this one which brings me to realise I was still in Steffen season go figure.

The film is not bad, not good either, but at least to me it was entertaining enought.

really Steffen is a bad actor, you can notice that in particualr in the first scene after the credits, where the man is cleaning the sweat from the face, even I could have pull out something better, eith a less forced expression. But like Sherp says in his review of the film it does not hurt the film much, and in a funny way I kind of get used to the man way of acting as the movie goes forward. Also notice that Steffen physically reminded me of another actor, now I know its no less than Henry Fonda, reminded me just that I’m not comparing both (cause there’s no comparison possible rather than a physicall one).

The first scene with a very stilish gipsy Jose Calvo (an above average actor) is very funny, the main characters are well dimensioned, and I didn’t mind the plot holes concerning Steffen character past. There’s some nasty violence, like in the dinner scene, were one of the baddies kills his brother with a knife, this just to stop him from talking too much, Fajardo is once again very credilble as the bad guy, very good scene when he finds his son dead the final shoot out not bad to. My main complain about the film, is the fact that the script didn’t explore at all a possible love triangle between both main ladies (Rosy and Anne) and Gary Hamilton, but maybe that was just asking a bit too much.

So entertaining enought stuff, my version was an American english dub, not a bad one, but made the film loose some of his SW feeling, turning it more into a Classic western flavour.

3 stars

(sartana1968) #26

boring and unwatchble… :o
’god said to cain’ was much better

(tomas) #27

quite boring in parts,
shootouts, except for one, was nothing special
finale was so trivial, when i compare it to some other similar scenes (like in Massacre time, for instance) this film´s always a loser
but certainly better than Cjamango :slight_smile:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #28

Its funny, to me, Fonda has more acting talent in his left pinky toe nail than Steffan has in his whole body, yet I rather see Steffen in a movie than Fonda! But I like Fonda too. I personally like this one and I hope it gets a DVD release (are you listening wildeast?)

(El Topo) #29

I also liked, well nothing special of course but I didn’t find it boring, and a SW with Jose Calvo even if with little screen time, is always an upgrade to many others. Calvo was a usual actor in Bunuel movies.

Calvo, Fajardo and Steffen well could be worst, even the Italian actress that played Rosy, looked like Monica Vitti to me at least.

(chuck connors brother) #30

But he was great and not wooden in comedic roles - Train for Durango, W Django, Arriva Sabata, Dead Men Don’t Count, Too Much Gold for One Gringo…

Those films plus Gentleman Killer and Mille dollari sul nero showed a side to him i’d not seen before.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #31

No one will ever compare Steffen to the likes of Cagney, Olivier, Brando, or De Niro, but for the purposes of the SW, he’s one of the best, and as an actor, he’s good enough.

(Bill san Antonio) #32

I remember one who did but not the way you meant. :smiley:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #33

LOL yes be careful not to engage in any deviant trades!

(JonathanCorbett) #34

I agree with that. To my way of thinking this is a Lower Division SW, also in the context of Anthony Steffen filmography.

There, I disagree… :wink:
(Cjamango in my view is a ‎not very inspired Middle Division title)

(autephex) #35

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #36

Nice posters. This film needs a legit dvd release in the worse way.

(kevenz) #37

There is a Japanese dvd for this one that came out not long ago and it’s uncut… 93 minutes (NTSC 29,97fps) compared to the Spanish dvd which is 83 minute (PAL 25fps).

the print quality isn’t as good as the spanish one but it’s not as grindhouse :slight_smile:

Spanish dvd

Japanese dvd

(Rutledal) #38

Both are vast improvements on the Brazilian disc though.



(Rutledal) #40

Decent quality English dub.