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Hi Guys

do u know which one of the white fang(zanna bianca) movies are nice or acceptable??

Not sure if you have seen this topic, but if not its worth a look :slight_smile: :


I’ve seen three. This was what I said about them at the time:

[size=14pt][i][b]Challenge to White Fang[/size] (Il ritorno di Zanna Bianca) (Fulci, 1974)

[size=14pt][i][b]White Fang and the Hunter[/size] (Zanna Bianca e il cacciatore solitario) (Brescia, 1975)

[quote=“last.caress, post:16, topic:2794”]“Looks like an abandoned farm.”
“Nah, I don’t think it’s abandoned.”
“Why not?”
“It doesn’t look abandoned.”
“Well, what do abandoned farms look like, then?”
“More abandoned.”

Another snowy/doggy/family spag, this time featuring to date the worst dubbing I’ve ever heard, with everyone either reading their lines off of the page for the first time ever with no semblance of attempting to act or OVERacting whilst gargling their lines through mouthfuls of wet mud. The obligatory kid in particular - already eminently stranglable - seemed to be dubbed by a woman putting on a higher-pitched voice. Didn’t sound remotely like a child. Not sure what the whole thing was about (this was due not to any sort of convoluted plot but just an inability to hold my interest), but it seemed to be The Great Adventure again but with a less heavily-featured dog* (and fatally with no Joan Collins or Jack Palance to liven up proceedings). Oh, and with “comedy” provided by Ignazio Spalla lurching drunkenly here and there, looking for all the world like an Ewok.

A poor film; this was obvious the second it started playing. Well-intentioned enough, though. And I’d watch it a hundred times on the spin before I’d watch Apache Blood again. Well, not a hundred. Twenty, maybe.

[size=8pt]Why did they call their dog White Fang? Wasn’t the original White Fang a wolf? This wasn’t a wolf. It wasn’t white, either. It was a perfectly ordinary Alsatian. Well, I say ordinary, it was of course supernaturally intelligent as these doggies seem to be in these films. Mind you, what do I know? I had a boxer dog once, I called it “Cujo” even though it wasn’t a St. Bernard OR rabid. I should really have called it "Fcking Cretin" since it kept trying to eat the garden fence. I certainly referred to it as “F*cking Cretin” more than once.[/size][/quote]

[size=14pt][i][b]The Great Adventure[/size] (Il richiamo del lupo) (Baldanello, 1975)

[quote=“last.caress, post:6, topic:2770”]The Great Adventure then, aka The Cry of the Wolf and starring Joan Collins (and in fairness to Joan she’s absolutely gorgeous AND clearly leagues above anyone else in this debacle, including Jack Palance who seems understandably disinterested). In which a German Shepherd with seemingly supernatural abilities bonds immediately with the world’s divviest family. When the dad gets an arrow through the back, the dog leads the kids (plus two imbecilic brothers who’ve fallen off of their sled) to the corpse, and then helps track them a path away from their snowy shack to the “safety” of the town (and subsequently into Jack Palance-shaped trouble). The dad was so stupid anyway that, personally, I think the dog shot him.

[i]“That’s a wolf! Stand back!”

“No! It’s a dog, dad!”

“It’s a wolf!”

“No, dad! It’s a dog!”

“That’s a wolf. Why it didn’t rip you to pieces, I just don’t know.”[/i]


The whole thing carries on in that vein. The idiot dad shoots the dog, they take it home, stroke it a bit, it bounces back to life. The dog rounds two blocks and storms into a saloon in a futile attempt to save one of the donut brothers from being beaten to death. In going after the killer, the dog is beaten almost to death itself (strictly off-screen, of course. Family Spag, this) but everyone seems to accept that as soon as that dog perks up, there’ll be a-trouble fer someone! WTF?!? When the dog DOES perk up, it buys a seat at a faro table and rinses the town for $50,000. Then, it’s appointed Mayor of Deadwood and brings in the bumwipe who shot Bill Hickock. Then, it invents the motor-car. Then, it…

Well, I may have exaggerated on the last few, there. But for God’s sake! It’s smarter than bloody Chewbacca (although in a bizarre sequence, they test the dog’s intelligence in agreeing to a bet with Palance that it will willingly fling itself off of a first floor balcony which, after some hesitation, it does, thus “proving” his intelligence. I’d have thought a dog that slick would’ve thought, “F*ck off. YOU jump it, you pinheads,” but there you go). Anyway, I’ve no idea how or why this flat badger of a film ended up on the Ten Thousand Ways to Die Spaghetti Western boxset, unless the good folk at Mill Creek Entertainment were trying to illustrate “boredom” as one of the aforementioned ten thousand ways to die. It nearly killed me, for sure. It was a well-intentioned stab at a family film, but honestly: It made White Comanche look like The Great Silence.[/quote]

The bottom line is - last.caress doesn’t like White Fang films ;D

I quite enjoy them all myself, White Fang To The Rescue is one of my favourite ones, a bit stronger than the others.

I wouldn’t really call an of them family films though, they do seem like it a lot of the time but the action scenes are too violent for family viewing I’d say.

In the ost which one is better ?