A Place Called Glory / Die Hölle von Manitoba (Sheldon Reynolds, 1965)


The Plot is about two guslingers(Lex Barker and Pierrce Price) which have to fight at a Gunfight Event. Both don’t know that they’ll be opponents in that particular fight. They met each other, became friends and fight against a bunch of bandits.

Of course it’s interesting to see Pierre Brice and Lex Barker in unusual roles together. This time they aren’t Old Shatterhand and Winnetou. The movie looks closer to an US Western than the SW but it’s grittier than one of the Karl May Movies. The supporting cast with Aldo Sambrell, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy we all knew from a Fistful of Dollars. Beside this cast it also offers some interesting scenes like the duel with a cheering crowd at the end. Maybe a bit too slow paced but for those who would like to see Lex Barker/Pierre Brice not in their usual roles worth a look.

It was written by “Latin Lover” Fernando Lamas who had starred in Eurowestern cinema with 100 Rilfes. This made me somewhat interested in this film.

Just received this one, so moved up the pile a little.

Didn’t know it was on TV today. So I missed it.

Saw it long time ago and it wasn’t exciting in any way.

I saw this one on Saturday. I quite liked it. It’s nice to see the two main Karl May stars in different roles.

One thing that really hit me was the end. I haven’t seen such a sick thing before. I mean, the duel in the end being a kind of feast for the townspeople. Ok, we know such duels from “The quick an the dead”, but there it is a dirty business. But in this flick the duel feast is something for the whole family. Women and children join in and want to see a real fight.

Man is this sick…

And is was nice to see half the cast of FoD in an American style eurowestern :wink:

Yep the end was quite weird. :smiley:
I didn’t expect such a cynical view on the entertainment industry. :slight_smile:

In any case an interesting flick :wink:

Lame western with a few pretensions. Naive and full of cliches.

Similar to the later (and better) made A Gunfight (1970) with Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash.

Interesting seeing the two stars of many a Winnetou film in different roles like already pointed out. Wonder if it was Pierrce Price’s own voice on the english dub. Had me hooked from the start this one, as been getting quite used to Barker in westerns recently. The puppet the kid plays with will stick in my head for a while. Do not know why, but just know it will.

Traditional style certainly but a pretty good one in my opinion and very enjoyable. Nice to see Brice without his Indian garb and a pity he didn’t do more like this I think. He suits the easy going cool gunfighter type character and he and Barker make a good team in this. Like Ennioo, this one kept me entertained from the start and I will have the puppet in my mind for a long time.

Watched this one recently, as i hadn’t never seen it before. Well i found it to be ok, nothing special for an early euro spag. The two leads Barker and Brice play two gunfighters who become fast friends and in the end as opponents in a fast draw contest. The script was good though, with many interesting characters and enough gun play to keep your interested. You could tell Barker and Brice liked working together, they have that chemistry and twinkle in their eyes like they wanted to hug and kiss each other :-* Good early one. 6/10

This was a good film and well put together, I think. Two pretty cool characters as the gunfighters. I agree with the comments above - Barker and Brice had a good screen presence and partnership.

I just watched the WE version and I thought it was a decent transfer (but I don’t have another to compare it to either).

…and yes, that puppet was mesmerizing!

Yes, its weird how much so :smiley: .

i love lex barker and the winnetou movies

this german, italian, spain movie is ok.