A Pistol for Ringo / Una pistola per Ringo (Duccio Tessari, 1965)

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I definitely prefer Il ritorno di Ringo: this one is not to my taste, to the point that for me has always been “indigestible”. :smiley:

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Thats right. I think as much as 80 percent prefer Return. Its grittier and more SW-esque, with a slightly better soundtrack.

I personally like Pistol slightly better though, because of the more coherent plot and better dialogue.

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[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:82, topic:938”]Thats right. I think as much as 80 percent prefer Return. Its grittier and more SW-esque, with a slightly better soundtrack.

I personally like Pistol slightly better though, because of the more coherent plot and better dialogue.[/quote]
and much more action than the second part

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This is on my top 20, it’s a good combination of “old school/traditional” western narrative, with the spaguetti touch, and the comedy is well integrated unlike many of the post- Trinity SW where the gags feel forced. “Return” is clearly the more gritty and “spaghetti” film, but this one is damn fine in almost every front. Had it been made in the 50s with Gary Cooper in hollywood it will be regarded as a classic by many.


Saw this one for the first time today and was very disappointed. A quite anonymous and uninspired intro leads to the hostage situation, and after that nothing really happens.
The film has a surprisingly light-hearted and comical tone overall - the ranchers don´t seem to be bothered that much by the situation, the ranch lord courts the bandit lady and all of a sudden there´s supposed to be a brutal scene where they kill a couple of mexicans, or an attempted rape. On the english track F Sancho sounds like a frog from hell (alright, that´s not necessarily a bad thing) a jaunty Gemma talks a lot and “plays pool” at the end when he kills the noisy, mexican leader.
No, this one failed to please me. Some SWs (or films in general) that give a shattered impression survive thanks to some other qualities (Texas Adios is one example that springs to mind), a certain charm or style, but a Pistol for Ringo just drags, in my opinion. It´s bland.

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Original footage of Maurizio Graf singing Angel Face.

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…and I though I posted this before but can’t see it. (maybe on another thread)

anyway, here it is again, The real Ringo, accept no imitations.

…and just for the hell of it, here’s Giuliano Gemma showing off some of his circus skills.

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Not seen those Gemma clips before, he looks very thin.

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Thanks for the finds Yod. Fantastic footage, even though Graf is lip synching.

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Portuguese BETA release!

A Pistol for Ringo (1965)http://nuno-dvdcollection.blogspot.pt/2013/09/a-pistol-for-ringo-1965.html

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To obtain the original ‘All ages admitted’ rating there were cuts in two sequences:

  1. In the Russian roulette variation scene Nazzareno Zamperla pulled the trigger four times instead of two.

  2. Sancho with the bloody shard of glass after smashing the bottle over the bandit’s head was removed.


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Interesting stuff Jonathan, all this censorship infos. Keep ‘em comin’ …

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No, new forum pop-up, I don’t want to start a new topic. It would just get merged anyway :slight_smile: . The first Ringo is still the ultimate Ringo for me. Return is also due a watch so we’ll see. Franco Pesce is not the storekeeper

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Re-watched this one via the new Arrow blu and they’ve done another fine job of one of my favourites. Like most I deffo prefer The Return… but A Pistol… is still good fun with a good cast, locations and great music. I watched The return… not long ago so I probably won’t watch it again anytime too soon but I’m looking forward to it whenever it is.


The only thing I don’t like about A Pistol is that most of it takes place inside of that shitty mansion. The interior is a bit of an eyesore after a while.


LOL … by “shitty mansion”, you mean El Cortijo Romeral ! One of the finest shitty mansions in southern Spain … and it still exists, just off the coast of San Jose, Almeria. :smile:


I think it looks like a pretty good set for a western, and because so much of the film takes place there I start to get a bit of a claustrophobic feel which helps me relate to Ringo and the hostages’ situation.

I know that was the exterior but were the interiors filmed there as well? Just curious. It was actually quite strange watching this after my first trip to Almeria because I started to notice some of the differences between locations, like during one of the shootouts one of the guys was standing by the valley in Tabernas, and the guy he was fighting was several miles away in Cabo de Gata. I’ll probably notice things like that all the time now.


It’s a while since I watched ‘Pistol for Ringo’, but I’d guess that such a major interior setting would be done in a film studio - I’ll have to watch again soon.

Spotting the locations is a big part of the fun for me … like in ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ when Juan and family arrive at ‘Mesa Verde’ The railway station is in Almeria city, and Juan’s view is the cathedral in Guadix, about 70 miles northwest.

It’s even better when someone is shooting from a Roman location and hits their target in Madrid or Almeria … now that’s real marksmanship !!! :smile:


Haven’t seen anything like that yet but I’ll deffo keep an eye out in the future.