A Pistol for Ringo / Una pistola per Ringo (Duccio Tessari, 1965)

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A Pistol for Ringo is one of the earliest SWs, so it’s not a great surprise that many costumes look a bit old fashioned.

Django, released almost a year later, changed the SW wear a lot. As had the Dollar trilogy.
Yet up to 67 many SWs costumes resemble more 50s US westerns than what many people imagine as a typical SW look. Especially the long dusters, which are associated by many as THE typical SW dress, do not appear as much in Spagies as one might think.


I strongly prefer this one to RoR although it hardly enters my top-30. 8/10

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The Portuguese edition of this movie (Prisvideo’s Western Spaghetti collection) includes a small card as a goodie.

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Looks nice. How is the DVD itself?

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The image quality is not the best (oldie), but it contains the original Italian audio (dolby digital 2.0).
No extras available besides the chapter selection.

This one is sold in a card box, with “Il ritorno di Ringo”.

More info at:


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I was a bit dissapointed. Maybe I expected too much. I had some troubles not to fall asleep during the movie which isn’t a good sign for me. Gemma was entertaining as ever, the same goes to the All-Time Mexican Bandido Sancho and the gorgeous Nieves Navarro. For me the hostage-taking was too nice and somehow I missed some action in the mid part. Next to my complaints it has many good scenes and I’ll give it another try in the future. :slight_smile: 4/5

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I think also you can expect to much sometimes and for me aswell what kind of mood I am in.

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Gemma is enjoyable to watch. Confident character and a little cocky at times, who likes to keep his strength up by having a glass of milk. Fernando Sancho just makes me laugh these days, as I cannot seem to take him seriously. Christmas setting is a little different but no snow of course, but the Major character does seem to have some fine Brandy.

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The review of this movie has been revised:


The old review is still available as the first post in this thread

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Do any of us really need to say it?

I got an idea, lets abreviate Great Job Scherp with GJS.

But it is a great review.

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I usually print your reviews Scherp and read them on paper, I think that’s nice :wink:

Eventually it will be sort of like a book :slight_smile:

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Only just got round to reading the updated review Scherp. Excellent of course. And a nice touch to link to Lorne Greene’s song. That was one of the first records I owned as a kid and remember it very fondly. His version of the Bonanza theme song was on the flip side. Thanks for reminding me.

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This is one of my all time favorites. Where can the new Koch dvd be purchased?

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Amazon De is one place.

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Thanks, ENNIOO.

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A couple of scenen in this one are among the best in SW history. Ringo is filmed carefully. The one I like most is where Gemma is talking to Lorella De Luca. They are talking into the camera, which gives the dispute a quite active look. I also like the scene after that, when Casas and Navarro join them. The way the camera and the actors move is carefully composed. Great cimena!

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Great movie. Not the kind of movie I usually like but anyways a favorite of mine. 4,5/5

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I love when the dude opens the window to yawn in the morning & takes one shot in the forehead. That sums up this movie for me in 5 seconds.

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I have to rewatch that scene :wink:

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:49, topic:938”]The review of this movie has been revised:


The old review is still available as the first post in this thread[/quote]

Scherp, I was just reading your new review. It was up to your usual excellent standards but one thing jumped out at me:

Only the ending is a bit silly, with Gemma using a clock to deviate his bullet in order to shoot Sancho, who would otherwise be out of reach.

Isn’t it a bell rather than a clock that he uses?