A Pistol for Ringo / Una pistola per Ringo (Duccio Tessari, 1965)

Ehh, what? … slagging me? … where? when? why? … my good potential friend Tigrero? never!!!

Not slaggin’ you my friend - jus’ your beloved proggy music … mind you, he still deserves a slap for including VDGG in with that. And if he never said it, I bet he meant it! :wink:

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:20, topic:938”]Have a great time amigo.
Before you go maybe you could tell us all your favourite type of music so Tigero can start a thread slagging it off - (a la prog-rock and Stanton). It’ll give you summat to look forward to upon your return …[/quote]

Get your facts right Rev. I did not start this prog rock v punk thing or any associated slagging. I merely stated I do not like prog rock. Fair enough I think since it is true…in general I don’t. My opinion…I am entitled to it and I did not slag it off.
Next up Phil H put his views as an ageing punkster and lumped my name in with it.
Scherps came back with an attack on punk and punks which I thought was quite funny but as an ageing punk I thought I better stand my ground and had a tongue in cheek pop at Scherp.
That’s it. Someone had a pop at punk and angry young punks and I had a pop back so don’t go spreading crap about me starting something I did not.

Now what on earth is all this about.
My good potential friend Stanton never came into it and I never mentioned VDGG.
You’ve lost the plot somewhere Rev as is evidenced by your threat of a slap not only for me but also for Yod re Silver.
Whatever minor misdemeanors you may think the rest of us are guilty of we ain’t going around proffering threats of violence.
I know you are only joking Rev and I’ve known you about 30 years and have never witnessed any violent behaviour on your part so really a man of the cloth should know better.

Say 10 hail Marys and watch Almerian Beach Whores to release some of that physical tension.

Good combination

Btw, I’m not that much in Prog music, but I like some of it (and especially VdGG, which is the absolute best, or King Crimson), as I like Punk (recently again the early Siouxsee albums), as I like Brit Pop (love blur), as I like what once was called Indie (Pixies, Sonic Youth, Hole, Pavement), as I like other music.

And as I said once to SD, who tried to kill me for saying so: Elvis was the 1st punker

Enjoyed this flick. Good story; no plotholes like we see quite often. Enough twists and action to keep you entertained throughout. Thought Navarro was good as the moll-turned-society woman. Of course, Sancho as his mean, dirty self and Gemma gets to show off his athleticism.

I noticed that almost everybody rates ROR above this film. But I think the both of them are on the same level. Maybe ROR is just slightly better for me.

Not typical man with no name stuff here, just a good classic spaghetti western no strings attached.

I’m in the class of folks who thinks the first is the better of the two. In fact it is on my top 20. The sequel is nowhere near my top 40.

I don’t think it’s a very big “class” tho’ - is it? :wink:
It’s great that there’s different views on this but I’m with the (possible) majority here - APFR is pretty good - but ROR is far and away the better film. (Top 5 in my book ;D.)

Interesting and refreshing to hear your view!

For my taste I have ROR and PFR at 19 and 20 respectively in my top 20.

I do not think either of them is much better than the other. They are both good for different reasons.

Perhaps not here but I can think of three people who share my view of this classic. Sadly, only one of them is a member here. Wonder where he’s at (Lasky)?

Watched this today. Scherps review sums it up lovely. As also said… same set of actors … two unrelated stories. My vote would go with ROR as my fave. That said I found this film very entertaining…well worth a watch 3.5/5

I find the plot very interesting. But for a VERY stupid reason, I avoided interest on account of Gemma’s stupid sissy looking costume. Will probably see it some day. Have become more interested in it recently though.

Out of interest…in what way did you find his outfit to be sissy looking? Not that i can talk…i avoided Gemma for years on account of that smug grin of his ;D

I base my smug grin on Mr.Gemma’s…and usually pisses most people off ;).

I can believe that! The “Gemma” can be pretty irritating! Actually my dad’s girlfriend saw him in an Angelique film recently and mentioned it…she reckoned his teeth looked “like they belonged to someone else”!

Does not take much to piss people off really does it…

[quote=“Silver, post:33, topic:938”]Out of interest…in what way did you find his outfit to be sissy looking? Not that i can talk…i avoided Gemma for years on account of that smug grin of his ;D[/quote]He has his hat ben up on the sides like the character from toy story and that little crevate. It looks too 50’s american.Djang’s is miles ahead of ringo’s. I’ll have to watch the movieitself though becuase of the seldom used and interesting plot. I like the siege/standoff idea.

Why do you say Django is miles ahead of Ringo?
Gemma is tough in this, I think he’s very impressive in the role… my favourite fist fight in any spaghetti western as well.

I am not judging Ringo the character. I enjoy Gemma. I just like Django’s costume better.

Oh ok, i see now