A penchant for atmospheric and snow-set Westerns/Spaghetti Westerns

I have become obsessed with westerns recently watching 1 or 2 every two days. I have found that I love westerns where they show real western plains with atmospheric weather; sunsets, stormy weather, rain, snow, arid desert plains etc I have found for some reason I especially love Westerns set in snow. I recently completed the Xbox game Red Dead Redemption and would love hunting bears in the vitual snowy forrests of the North. I also love seeing it in Westerns where they realistically shelter from the weather - sheltering from the rain, Clint Eastwood camped with his bed roll under a tree with Morgan Freeman, or Randolph Scott sheltering under a wagon by lamp-light from torrential rains.

So basically I just wondered whether any of you Western connoisseurs knew any westerns that met the descriptions above - specifically westerns which are set in snow???

Sounds like The Great Silence is nailed on for you for snow - and is easily gotten hold of.
I think we have a thread somewhere for snow?


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Day of the Outlaw (1959) Robert Ryan, is a good one.

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Four Of The Apocalypse has some snow scenes. And I don’t know if it really qualifies as a western, but Death Hunt with Bronson and Marvin is also set in snowy mountains.

I’m also penchant for the snow.
Jeremiah Johnson and Mccabe & Mrs. Miller are my favorites (if we are not strictly in spaghetti territory).

Theres something about these snow westerns, the beauty in the landscape. Especially where the snow is real deep in certain scenes say in The Great Silence or Jeremiah Johnson like you mention.

Joe Kidd too, while not a “snow Western” per se, is set in the high mountains and it feels cold. It’s not a great film by any means, but it seems to grow on me in retrospect, to the point where I would say I prefered to the more acomplished Pale Rider.

TRACK OF THE CAT with Robert Mitchum is set in snowy landscape as well and it is a magnificent film, although it is not regarded as a real western by some people.

You’ll get some of that beloved snow in SERAPHIM FALLS, a film that is well worth watching too.


Two Lucio Fulci & Franco Nero classics:

White Fang (1973)

Challenge to White Fang (1974)

Another snow western with Fabio Testi is “Red Coat”.