A New Lee van Cleef Forum www.chezleevancleef.com

I just wanted to announce that Lee van Cleef has a new full-functioning forum www.chezleevancleef.com

There have been variations of forums dedicated to Lee, but they haven’t really targeted all of Lee fans’ demographics.

This is the real deal for Lee. I know there are many, many, many Lee fans out there who are just dying to learn more about the man and share each other’s fanaticism. Indeed, there have been discussions among hardcore Lee fans but we wanted to make his legacy much more accessible.

Our goal is bring Lee fans from all over the world to create a communicate that honors him and bring like-minded souls together! We have fans from Argentina, Hong Kong, the US, and our goal is to have fans from each country in the world to join us. If you love Lee, you have a place here.

So please join www.chezleevancleef.com This is a new forum and it’s quiet right at this moment, because YOU are not in it. We need people. We need body counts, as many body counts as the morons that got shot by Lee. Except we’re not morons, obviously, or we won’t be fans. But I digress. 8)

There is so much room for development, and please be patient as it is new. I started an Off-topic section, like most forums, so feel free to post anything… and I mean anything just to get the energy going.

Lee fans, you know who you are, let’s unite, long lost brothers and sisters! :slight_smile:

I’m in.

Worth a look for sure.

Cool I’ll register sometime.

I’m excited to see some of you already posting there! Thanks so much for your support ;D

I’m in!

I just registerd!

[font=arial black][size=5]WELCOME GUYS ;D[/size][/font]

Could someone register now? I don’t like to the newest member ;D.

There’s something wrong with the forum

I can’t connect

Doesn’t work for me either.

Works for me.

Works now.

Doesn’t work for me

Maybe I am the problem …

Works for me right now.

I’ve just added a review of this movie to the site:

http://img28.imageshack.us/i/leevancleef5thumb1.jpg/ COMMANDOS (1968/Crispino)


Lee not in Almeria, but still in the desert

Thanks for the support, great review scherp!

Yes great review!

By the way, shouldn’t we add a link to CLVC in the database?


Added. Got any banner?