A modern Spaghetti Western soundtrack :)

Just finished an entire cover album, which was a rather spontaneous session, and, not having given any thought yet as to if/how/when this is going to be officially released, I’m gonna share it for the time being. I won’t be releasing it on my own label anyway, so for those fellow Western buffs interested, here is my take on a modern Spaghetti Western-esque record. Besides Hazlewood there isn’t really any obvious link to a country/western sound in the original recordings, which was what made the project fun for me.
I have uploaded the record in 192kbps mp3 to my ftp (including artwork & credits), where I reckon it will stay for a couple of weeks before I take it down:


you can also check out the songs at:

full tracklist:

  1. Severance (Dead Can Dance)
  2. Cold Hard Times (Lee Hazlewood)
  3. This Big Hush (Shriekback)
  4. Southbound (Thin Lizzy)
  5. Willow’s Song (Paul Giovanni)
  6. Deep Hit of Morning Sun (Primal Scream)
  7. Christbait Rising (Godflesh)
  8. Human Pony Girl (Samhain)
  9. Golden Hair (Syd Barrett)
  10. Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus)

hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: