A Hole in the Forehead / Un buco in fronte (Giuseppe Vari, 1968)

Yep, but California was also announced for a long time.

If they sell enough from there latest SW releases …

Yes…may be in for a long wait :’(.

I know what the Reverend means about poor quality prints, i bought quite a few movies from VSoM and some of the copies were really bad vhs rips. One or two are totally unwatchable

I had just gotten a low quality DVDr from Atlas when the release from New Entertainment became available. Got it yesterday and watched it last night. Really nice looking print. German audio only, English subs available.
I liked the movie a lot. I really like Ghidra but he was more reserved in this movie than in the somewhat talky roles he had in Pistoleros & Django, The Last Killer. Perhaps because he is not playing the “mentor” role in this one.
One note about the DVD. The English subs are often porrly translated and I kept having to pause the picture to read and make sense of the subtitles. They are easy to figure out but they are mixed up enough to require a brief bit of thought sometimes.
Here’s a couple of examples of what I mean:
“Take it and have an eye on it” means “Here, have a look at this"
"I never said something twice” means "I don’t double talk"
Check out this entertaining Ghidra film in a nice looking version!

I just got this one on the New Entertainment label.
It runs 84 min, is in 2.35:1 ratio and had german sound with german or english subtitles.

The film stars Anthony Ghidra and he is brilliant as the hardboiled gunfighter in persue of a large gold tressure.
Well he is not alone in persuing the gold off course, but my job is not to be a spoiler here so I will just leave it at that and highly recommend the film.
And I’m going to get more films with Anthony Ghidra that’s for sure

There are already two other threads for this film:



[quote=“ENNIOO, post:26, topic:846”]There are already two other threads for this film:


Ups I did not see that, I hope a deputy can merge them together. :slight_smile:

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Anyway, this flick was released by New Entertainment ???

Great release from N.E.W.!

The picture quality is great and the sound is excellent. German audio only with English subtitles available and it is uncut.
I highly enjoyed re-watching this one recently via this new release.
Great movie with an outstanding musical score.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:1, topic:846”]www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Buco_in_fronte%2C_Un

If this ever comes out as a cleaned up version in wide-screen, it’ll outdo Yankee anyday!
Highly Recommended - anybody got a decent print out there?? ??? ;D

Oh joy … I HAVE!! Praise be to the ‘NEW’ messiah! :wink: ;D

This is another SW title that intrigues me, along with Fifteen Scaffolds For A Killer.

I can’t wait to get these movies to see if the actual content matches the excellent titles.

Unless you are a fan of Fidani, and I count as one, it is usually the case that ‘the better the title … the worse the film’ rule applies. A Bullet in the Forehead is certainly an exception to this rule. It’s top 20 material for me when I get a new list done. ;D

Thanks Rev, I don’t mind Fidani one bit .

Here is my review for the NEW dvd of “A Hole in the Forehead”


From Yodlaf’s review:

“At various points of the film I found myself wondering whether or not the film’s score had been issued on vinyl or CD”

I’m sorry to say but I found this movie dull and very dry.
The first 20 minutes at the church were especially sleep inducing.
A shame, seeing as these treasure hunt movies weren’t done very often in the genre. This could have been a very unique entry to the genre but it fails to entertain (at least it failed with me).

I spent a good chunk of money with this release so I will of course give it another chance some time down the rode.

Having just received the NEW release of this film I was moved to write a review.


For some obscure reason I still haven’t seen this one
Seems a winner to me: Ghidra and Pregadio (if his score is half as good as the one for The Forgotten Pistolero, it’s good enough for me)

The bullet between the eyes was also a feature of White Comanche, nearly every opposition was removed this way: bang, hole in the forehead. Spic&span. Very nice distinguishing mark of the spaghetti style, and I guess Ghidra makes it work much better than captain Kirk

This is a good one! Just watched it and while my copy, quality-wise, wasn’t great, the film and soundtrack are killer. Easily in my top 15, maybe even top 10. The atmosphere created by the soundtrack is perfect… and the dirty gritty locations couldn’t be better. The closest thing to a drawback is the fact that the story isn’t the most original, but it sure doesn’t hurt the movie in my book. A good surprise.

It’d be worth you tracking down the NEW print of this - excellent picture and the soundtrack is on it separately as an extra. The English subs are a bit ropey (it’s a German dub), but because there’s not so much dialogue its ok. Or there’s a fandub of it in English … but it’s obviously from an old vhs when it switches to English from the music. Both are a big improvement on the original vhs copy I had.
Agreed - great film!