A Golden Sheriff / Uno sceriffo tutto d’oro (Osvaldo Civirani, 1966)

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Nice, low key, spaghetti western directed by Civirani. Sufficiently entertaining throughout with all the ingredients you might expect from an Italian western. The ending is pretty lame though.

3 stars from me

Bonk on the head!

Read about this one in a German book I’ve got. Looks ok.

Another one I have never seen. I need to remedy that situation, one of these days!

Review, in English, here:

Nice review BL! Another one to the want list.

Can’t remember anything about it but the first scene with Luciano Rossi which was good. Apart from that forgettable movie I think.

Well if you can’t remember anything it can’t be much other than forgettable, can it ;)?

Yeah, Rossi is memorable even though I didn’t mention it in the review. Did use a snapshot from the film for his personal page on my Dutch site:

To lazy right now to upload the pic somewhere.

Review updated with screenies and proper credit to Luciano Rossi.

Lawman who gets fed up on how little his job pays comes up with a pretty clever plan to get his hands on some gold. Things go at a nice stady pace with some good scenes. Nice scene involving some dynamite. One of the less well known ones but like already mentioned all the Spaghetti elements are here. Just a shame about the contrived ending which let the film down.

Watched this last night and enjoyed it a good bit. Much better than Civirani’s Son of Django. Agreed about the ending, but this is actually a problem I have with most all films I’ve ever seen…

Easily satisfies the spaghetti appetite with the nice pacing and some unique moments, but still doesn’t go beyond the lesser entries in the genre. That’s fine with me though and will sit at the top of these types of spaghet.

Shame the video quality is so poor on the release I have, which I assume is the only one available. Still have seen much worse, but would be nice to have Golden Sheriff on a proper print.

Sheriffs weren’t always trusworthy in spaghetti westerns, but this one is made of gold, so I suppose there’s nothing to worry about:



Just re viewed this again. Alot still to enjoy, but like I have already mentioned the ending is contrived.

^Agree with the ending, but still not a bad spagh imo.

As others have mentioned this is an enjoyable if unexceptional ride featuring a cast of mostly unfamiliar faces.
There were a couple of jumps in narrative which made me wonder if a longer cut exists somewhere. Arizona Roy turns up in gaol suddenly near the beginning and is also captive of Vargas later on without explanation as to how he got there. Maybe that was just in the fandub version I have. Either way, nothing really lost and a pleasant enough hour and a half without setting any fires. Quite a catchy theme tune too. 3 stars for me.

Can the sheriff keep the gold? Find out all about it in the new review by @Djangoisme!