A Girl Is a Gun / Une aventure de Billy le Kid (Luc Moullet, 1971)


Man is on the run after a killing a man who was witness to a robbery he did. Starts to head towards Mexico on foot, and bumps into a girl along the way who he takes with him. They appear to fall in love along the way, but something is revealed in the story that sort of changes that for a while. The land they cross is hilly and rocky and sort of sticks in your head. Film gets more offbeat during the last 15 minutes of this short 75 minute film.

Main character who is supposed to be Billy the Kid does have his little quirks shall we say, but this is not all his own doing as the story evolves. French film with an english audio track though, but the last 10 or so minutes of the film are spoken in some kind of Indian language. Weird atmosphere to the film on the whole, in another euro western curiosity for me.

This is really weird film but a good one. Leaud is one of my favorite actors, it was nice to see him in a western.

Watched this last night. It’s absolutely dreadful. Some sort of crappy arthouse attempt at making a western. The characters are annoying and I didn’t care for the story. Billy the Kid is lured into a bizarre looking landscape and trips a lot, getting his foot caught etc. Pathetic. I think there is only one horse in the film, and it was even smaller than the guy walking next to it. The landscapes are almost hallucinogenic and easily form the best thing about this awful movie. 3/10

Sounds kind of interesting actually.

It is kind of original, which had me watching it in the first place. But this film is not for me. It has very few ideas and basically only sports the two love birds tripping and falling. But the landscapes really are quite something else.

Guess I’ll have to check it out for myself.