[A Fistful of Pasta] Part 2 of Scherp's top 20 is up



At a 1st glance this is a nearly perfect genre overview, more representative than e.g. the 20 films H. Hughes choose for his SW book.

Contains the most influential SWs as well as the absolute highlights, which pushed the genre’s possibilities (aesthetically and/or thematically) to their limits.

And very well written it is also. Congratulations, Scherp

Great part 2, Scherp ! I especially embrace the inclusion of Keoma. Love the soundtrack too, love Franco Nero’s awesome singing. It’s one of a kind. And The Great Silence is my favorite (spaghetti) western of all time. But I expected that entry, heh.

Excellent part 2 Sherp!

Great site brother

The 1-2 punch of both lists adds up to perhaps the best top 20 overview I’ve come across. It really does serve as a great cross-section of the various elements and sub-genres that make SW so unique.

Great read. Excellent site as well.