A Fistful of Lead / Sartana’s Here … Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin! / C’è Sartana … vendi la pistola e comprati la bara! (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1970)

Well, I can’t speak for Bill, of course, but I think he means that there’s a little more comedy in this film than there are in the other Sartana films and, therefore, like the Hallelujah films. That’s certainly what I think. It’s not my favorite Sartana flick but it’s fun, as I said.

Personally, I think it is much better than the Hallelujah movie(s). Although, I have to admit that I do enjoy the first Hallelujah movie a little bit. I don’t usually like the comedy Westerns, but that one is marginally OK.

With Hilton as Sartana, co-starring Charles Southwood, and directed by Anthony Ascott (Carnimeo)…it perfectly makes sense that it would remind the viewer of a Hallelujah film!

But, I think it is better.

I would also say, that it contains more Hallelujah elements than Sartana elements.
So for me this is no “official” Sartana.

And imo They Call Me Hallelujah is Carnimeo’s best, and therefore slightly better than all his Sartana movies, official or inofficial ones.

I was speaking about the quality of the dvd :wink: But thanks for the answer anyway.

ok spaghetti western, no more than that. does have quite a bit of comedy elements but it least it’s more palatable here. quite a bit of action. thought george hilton was pretty good.

Just viewed this one.

Enjoyable ride this one, and like what has been mentioned…a decent widescreen edition is in order.
However, Hilton is not as cool as John Garko in the Sartana role and at times comes across to good natured.

Ah but it is. Just think of it as the George Lazenby of the series.
I enjoyed this one as well. Perhaps I’m biased because it was the first Sartana movie I saw.
Despite the fact that Hilton plays his Hallelujah character and there is virtually no gadgets (the gimick is how many places Sartana can hide his gun) this feels like a Sartana movie.
Due in part to Carnimeo’s strange way of placing the camera and the over complicated plot.
Southwood is a good addition to the series and his showdown with Hilton rivals Berger’s and Garko’s scuffle in the climax of the original Sartana.

Just watched this and found it entertaining. Bit tongue in cheek silly at times…as mentioned earlier opening scene…and the duel with Sabbath started getting silly…but hey sometimes I just like to sit back and be entertained and this one did that.
Agree that a widescreen version would be welcome. Still worth a watch IMO.

The best out of the non-Garko Sartanas, it’s a pity Mr Hilton didn’t reprise the role of Sartana.

Great story.

I gave it *****

Even if Hilton is not as good as Garko it’s still a very fun entry in the Sartana series. Southwood’s Sabbath character is interesting and we get great supporting cast. I enjoyed Da Masi’s score in this one, i think the fact that there wasn’t any horrible song in the beginning helped it. But what was with Sartana eating eggs all the time? ;D

If you are pi**ed off with the crappy official DVD release, Franco Cleefs version is widescreen and very good quality.

Sure is ;).

Will have to get that one soon. My version was crappy fullscreen, but even in that version it was a fun movie.

Not too much to add that hasn’t already been written. A fitting addition to the Sartana series.

4/5 stars from this gringo.

The Franco Cleef version is terrific. Its widescreen, english, has a couple of deleted scenes reinserted into the movie and special features.

Watched the Franco Cleef version. In a very twisty tale, Sartana gets involved in the matter of a mining town, whose shipments of gold are regularly attcked by a gang of bandits. However, the shipments actually contain sand, and the town money man has kept the lot, conspiring with the bandits, and plans to pit Sartan, the bandits and another gunman named Sabbath against each other while he and his partner make good their escape with their ill-gotten gains.

God the plot was complicated in this one; I think that if i’d nipped out for a minute i’d have lost it completely! Their are plots, deals and double crosses aplenty, involving the money man, Sartana, the bandits, Sabbath and the local saloon owner, who, at the end of the film tries to edge Sartana out of their deal, but he has a surprise up his sleeve. A lot of trickery too, such as a gun in a loaf of bread, a gun in a boot and a scene where sartana puts out a fuse by throwing a water canteen above it and then shooting a hole in it so the water pours out over the fuse! Sartana himself is ably played by George Hilton, and it seems he has a soft spot for eggs, and is rather kindhearted (saving a woman and her son from the bandits and giving them enough money to settle elsewhere). The character of Sabbath, played by Charles Southwood was very good too. A white suited, poetry reading, parasol weilding dandy, his appearance causes one man to say to another “What is the West coming to?!”

Overall, a very enjoyable view and one of the better films i’ve watched recently. Love the soundtrack too. I only have two tracks from it and would really like to get my hands on the whole thing if it’s available…anyone know anything?

Here you go:


[quote=“ENNIOO, post:37, topic:31”]Here you go:


Thanks! I’ll have to see if i can pick it up somewhere :wink:

Finally watched Franco Cleef’s reconstruction of this one the other day and, man, is it awesome. The widescreen frame really does add a Hell of a lot to the film and I found myself enjoying it even more than the first time I watched it (see above in this thread for my earlier comments). Now having seen the first Halleluja film, I can see what people are saying about this one being closer to that film than Sartana, what with the presence of Hilton and Southwood. But, as stated earlier, the way that Sartana cleverly thinks his way out of situations seems to me to be more Sartana than Halleluja. Just my take…

Agree. Nevertheless I prefer Hilton as Hallelujah.
The first scene was quite unreal… extinguishing the dynamite fire by shooting his canteen… and the bandits didn’t noticed that there was any explosion… whoooo!