A Fistful of Holly and Ivy 2022

’MERRY CHRISTMAS’! to all my companeros, sheriffs, and banditos.

Not everybody enjoys the ‘season of good-will’ and ‘excessive spending’. I still enjoy the former, and thankfully bid adios to the latter a few years ago…

The season can be one of intense joy, mild bemusement, and downright indifference, or soul-destroying sadness and loneliness - depending on individual circumstances.

But: However you amigos wish to spend the next few days, I wish all on ‘SWDB’ a memorable time: either on your own, with family and friends, or simply with other folk who share your thoughts and feelings.

Personally…I’m going to do the same as last year. Spending it on my own…if you can count the entire cast of ‘The Great Escape’ as being on your own! :cowboy_hat_face: :wine_glass:

Yup! ‘The Great Escape’; a glass or two of port, and (as Scrooge would say), a glass of the ‘Milk of Human Kindness’. Classic seasonal episodes of ‘Steptoe and Son’, a ‘BBC Ghost Story’, and the day is complete.

Anyway, I’ve just tried to see the occasion from all angles…

Cheers, amigos!

Best for Christmas and the New Year!.. :cowboy_hat_face: :cactus: :evergreen_tree: :wine_glass: :champagne:


Happy holidays to all observing. I’ll certainly do some work on the database over the next couple days :wink: my usual occupation for this time of the year. The actual festive season is already behind us, which was #spagvemberfest of course


Yeah…sorry I missed it this year, due to unforeseen circumstances… :unamused:

I’ll be kicking it off next year with the gorgeous new print and media book of ‘Arizona Colt’ :smiley:.

Merry Christmas Toscano and everyone else here of course.
This’ll be the first time in about 15 years I’ll have all my kids (well of course they’re all adults now) around for Christmas so it’s going to be a very good one for me. Lot’s of food, drink, board games, films and post-film discussions. That is pretty much heaven for me.

We all have different circumstances but sincerely wish everyone the very best you can have for the festive season.

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That sounds pretty good to me, amigo. :cowboy_hat_face: :evergreen_tree:

Merry Christmas to you Toscano and to anyone else on the Forum who celebrates this Festive Time of Year. For those of us who do celebrate, have a wonderful time with your families and friends. For those that find this time of year a little tough, believe me things will and do get better with time, and eventually the joy of the Holidays will shine bright once again.


Merry Christmas, to all of you guys!


A Jingle Django Christmas to all!
See what I did there?..Fair enough. I’ll get my coat