“A Fistful of Dollars” and “For a Few Dollars More” on Blu-ray

I recently received the to first of Leones trilogy on blu-ray from Italy and I am really impressed. I allready had both in restored versions on DVD, but bly-ray is a totally different world. It almost like going from VHS to DVD. In the end of april also the third will be available on blu-ray and can be preordered from amazon.de. Highly recommended.

Wow, I’d love to see them on Blu. Sounds like a whole new experience.

These images were posted over at the SLWB (Watch the Fistful Italian trailer and Italian dvd outtakes reel!). The bottom image is from the DVD version of the new Italian Blue-ray release of “Fistful”. Note how much more image you have on the right of the screen:

Thats cool are they available separately ? cause I have good bad & The ugly… have to get these 2 next

They are sold seperate in Hong Kong.


for a few dollars more has the best picture i ever seen for SW

Just rewateched Dollars More, on the Studio Canal BluRays, and I have to say after a few minutes I switched from the 5.1 upmix to the 2.0 mono track. Not only were there annoying glitches, it just didn’t sound convenient to the ears. Now, I don’t have a 5.1 System, but just in general the other sounded better. As for the visuals, the BluRay looks great, even though some parts really looked their age. Some of the cuts seemed a bit off and sudden, without sounding like a conspiracy nut, but I do believe folks who say this still isn’t the original Leone cut :wink:

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I am wondering which release of FaFDM actually has Italian audio and English subtitles. I check our page in the SWDb, and was surprised to learn that at least from the info we have there, no disc does. Any ideas?

Is it worth it at all to get the Kino 2-disc For a Few Dollars More that was released in March if I already have the German blu-ray and the old MGM US blu-ray? Would I basically just be getting the Alex Cox in Almeria special feature? Not sure I want to spend $30 CAD for just that…

I’m in the same predicament. The Kino print does look really good granted it’s not uncut, and I’d like to hear Tim Lucas’ commentary.