A few spaghetti on VD for sale/trade and more

Please, have a look at my blogspot, I have a few DVD for sale or trade:

Quite a few “dodgy” releases amongst that lot.

ehm,sorry… what do you mean?

Quite a few bootleg Chinese editions.

it’c learly written which are bootleg and I posted big size images so customers can decide wether to buy them or not , so I don’t see where is the point.

There are 26 bootleg over 157 DVD in total (it means 16,5%), 9 of them being sold already (dopping down to 11%) as they are quite well requested by collectors.

And, in any case, it’s clearly written which of them are bootleg. So I don’t see any “doggy” release or any hidden move

No ones said there was any “hidden move”, I was just saying there’s a few dodgy ones there, you’re right on the defensive aren’t you.

…and some of your descriptions leave something to be desired too.

“Chinese bootleg in HQ definition (Blu Ray definition).”

So a DVD has the same quality as a Blu Ray because it came from an HD source. That’s a first for me. All the money I wasted on Blu Rays when I could have got a DVD exactly the same for less!!!