A Boot Hill/Sad Hill section

This may be a personal request. I’d love to see a Boot Hill/Sad Hill section on this data board. I keep a data file on every actor I can find who appeared in a Euro-Western / Spaghetti Western. Trying to find information on many of these character actors is minimal at best and seldom are there deaths reported in newspapers or on the web. Most of the time we learn months/ years later through correspondence that some we all know by name has passed away. I recently found several death dates in the new ‘Dizionario Del Western All’Italiana’ book by Marco Giusti in the directors section.

We could list the actors birth dates and place of birth and death and locations in a database and again this would require help and information, challenges from all posters on the board.

Maybe a second section for obits of these same people when they are located. We could keep the obits for a week, month (Sebastian’s call) and then they would be deleted. This way we would all be notified by checking this section when someone passed away (a composer, actor, director, screenwriter, cinematographer, etc.)

Just an idea but I don’t see anything like this on any other databases except in the forum sections once in a while when someone very prominant passes.

Sounds like a good idea to me

“Do it” (Starsky and Hutch)

Thanks, I’d gladly start the Boot Hill section if I knew how to start a new section.

If this can only be done by Sebastian let me know and I’ll contact him for permission and ideas.

This section would be in the true spirit of many Spaghetti Westerns.

[quote=“Tom B., post:4, topic:739”]Thanks, I’d gladly start the Boot Hill section if I knew how to start a new section.

If this can only be done by Sebastian let me know and I’ll contact him for permission and ideas.[/quote]

I’m not sure how to either. I think Seb is the man to get us started.

Totally agree, it would make excellent information.

do it :wink:

you guys don’t necessarily have to ask me for “permission” to start certain projects. I’m fine with you all going ahead with certain things, as long as you keep me informed and keep in mind that I will reserve final judgement on what’s happening. But you’re all doing this voluntarily and I’d like to give you all the greatest freedoms possible. I just like to see work concentrated to some extent and focussed on necessary work or team projects before moving on to the next, etc…

but this boot hill idea is great. maybe don’t call the page “boot hill” for obvious reasons. what other naming options to we have? “cemetery with crosses”? haha

Cemetery With Crosses is excellent.

Can you create a section, page whatever Sebaastian? I have the "A’s already to go as soon as I have a place to post it.
Anyoner who can add photo’s etc. pleas do as I don’t know how to post pictures on this board.

By the way French actor Raymond Pellegrin died today at 87. He was in “A Taste of Death” and played the sheriff.

is that okay?

[quote=“Sebastian, post:10, topic:739”]Cemetery with crosses - legends lost but remembered - The Spaghetti Western Database

is that okay?[/quote]

I’m not Tom…but, that is very nice, Sebastian. I like the text very much. Well done, amigo!

Yeah, it’s a good text. :slight_smile:

Look’s fine Sebastian!

I’ve posted Section A so take a look and I’ll start on Section B etc.

I’d like to see a subsection to post obits on current deaths and this could be left up for a week before Sebastian deletes us. Therefore anyone interested could get whatever information they want from them.


Man oh man, that’s just the A’s! That’s a lot of work Tom.
Well done amigo.

I’m only posting people involved in Italian, Spanish, German, French and the U.S.A., British co-productions.

If Sebastian adds a subpage we can post obits for anyone we feel should be noticed for their contribution to the genre such as producers, stuntmen, set designers.

well I guess as long as they are involved in Spaghetti Western, they can all go on the main list, with job description in brackets behind the names, no?

We could post a new obit in the alphabetical order it belongs and then if okay with Sebastian he can make me the head grave digger and I’ll be in charge of the cemetery and delete it after it’s been on there for a week and just leave the vital information. How does that sound?

well we don’t have to “delete” anytying, we can make a subpage with stuff that’s no longer recent. and in the end, we have a looong list of legens

If someone can add “Edit” to the E-I sections which I posted after the D’s I’ll add some more names.

When we are dead and sleeping in our graves, maybe we of the SWDB can also be mentioned in this section.

If someone else is running the site in the future that is.

Or maybe when we die, the site dies along with us?