A Boot Full Of Blood (A Bloodghetti Western)

Sorry for the promotion, but anyone who’s interested in reading a Spaghetti Western-type novel might want to check out my novel entitled A BOOT FULL OF BLOOD. It’s a bit of a revenge fantasy, with vampires.

The plot:

Jodi Washington, the first free Black woman of her family line, born one year after the end of slavery, has been murdered by the Gatling Gang, seven ruthless thugs seeking revenge against Jodi's husband, who was a Union spy in the American Civil War. Jodi finds herself resurrected as a vampire, and with the help of a Mexican bounty hunter known as Sartana, Jodi finds herself on a roaring rampage of revenge as she chases the bandits across the Western and Southern United States. There's a million ways to die in the West, and Jodi knows all of them.

It’s available to purchase through various Amazon’s, as well as through my publisher’s site:


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