A Barrel Full of Dollars [Koch Media]

AKA Per una bara piena di dollari.

Will be titled Für einen Sarg voller Dollars… Coming July / August 2008.

No other info yet, will specs when they arrive but will probably be English friendly :slight_smile:

A Fidani-western! A surprising step for Koch Media. Starring Klaus Kinski of course so will attract the German crowd.

SWDB: http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Per_una_bara_piena_di_dollari

This one was at least named twice by forum members in their Top 20 (7 points).

Yes I remember it as being a fairly enjoyable spaghetti western. Will be nice to watch it in great quality. Demofilo Fidani getting the Koch Media treatment, didn’t think I would ever see that happen.

I watched the film via dvd r recently and enjoyed it for what it is.

Cool, one of Fidani’s better movies ! I like his movies anyway ! :slight_smile:

My copy is entitled “Showdown For A Bad Man” and it’s one of my favs, i included it in my Top SW’s list.

I have a few Fidani SW’s and, apart from Giu La Testa … Hombre , i like them.

I got it on dvdr which is titled A Barrel Full of Dollars I think. Also I got the Danish VHS which bears the title Nevada Kid.

Cover art added to first post !

Very nice that Koch is releasing a Fidani. Will try to get my hands on this.

Fidani film! This is a must-have dvd for me, haha! Cover looks nice but they could have arranged it a little bit differently so that Kinski would not look like he’s wearing a crown. :smiley:

I think repeating the same picture worked for Yankee, but here it looks like crap. And you’re right about the placement of the star. Some of these Koch covers almost look like a rush job and an uninspired one at that.

I mean if they go for those rainbow colors, fine, but they should get the underlying cover look better…


also seems to be full screen or at least hopefully letterbox according to the koch website

Perhaps yet another open matte-release in which case full screen would be preferable :slight_smile:

out now (tomorrow). happy pre-ordering (our amazon links? thanks)

How is Koch’s version of this, is it worth tracking down? The idea of a high quality Fidani release has me intrigued.

It is completely and totally awesome looking. Looks like it was filmed yesterday. Not a bad movie either despite what some people will say :slight_smile: In short, money well spent.

Yup. Definitely worth the money

Very nice! Liked it alot, Kinski is in great form here for sure. Nice to see that Koch gives a C-spag like this such a nice treatment!

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