800 Bullets / 800 balas (Álex de la Iglesia, 2002)

This is incredibly funny and also very nice, especially if you’ve been to Almeria before :slight_smile:

Database page: 800 Balas - The Spaghetti Western Database

Yeah i enjoyed it, especially that i’ve been to Texas Hollywood.

too bad they couldn’t get the real clint eastwood :stuck_out_tongue:

Great film!

great film indeed!

I found it okay but not great. Could’ve been better.

The subtitles in the version I saw wer very hard to read so I had some trouble following it.

I like this one a great deal!
The first time I went to Almeria and to Texas Hollywood was not too long after the film had first been released on DVD in Spain.
I bought my copy at the little gift shop just off the Saloon in Texas Hollywood.
I thought it was cool that I bought a copy of this movie literally on the set where it was filmed!
Every time I watch 800 BALAS…it makes me want to go back to Almeria!!!

watched it in Spanish. those spaniards speak in a way that makes it hard to understand what they’re saying, but i understood enough to know that the Germans subtitles were far from accurate :stuck_out_tongue:

and that one hottie dancer… ayyyyy

Fine film. A stirring tribute to the stunt fraternity and a tender coming of age/coming to terms cross-generational drama.

Saw it on tv a couple of years ago and thought it was great.

Could not get into it myself.

Ayyyy, la Chica es muy caliente!!!

That is the lovely Yoima Valdes! One of my favorite things about 800 BALAS! ;D

Yoima es una de las chicas mas calientes siempre!
Viva Yoima!

OK…I will calm down, now.

and the only person in the movie who scored with her, was the little boy :stuck_out_tongue:

I just watched this & found it quite disappointing. It was an OK film, but not what I was expecting at all from the things I’d heard/read about it. It homaged a few spaghettis, but basically followed a very mainstream formulaic movie plot. Nothing special.

Even for us, only people from Galiza I can understand well even if they speak fast, y hablo la lingua, trabajaba para una empresa española.

Bueno 800 it’s a feel good movie, not the best from Iglesia, but a fine homage to SW and to Almería tierra bendecida por Dios, ( almeria a land blessed by god).

But for me the best Iglesia film is La Comunidad, followed by Perdita Durango but la Comunidad it’s a masterpeice

I thought it was a good movie until the script fell apart at the end.

well it had heart, and I think that’s the core of it. I think it was underambitious, I mean if done properly they would’ve even gotten XX on board at the end for a cameo

I heard from somewhere that XX actually saw the film and liked it, despite declining an appearance. Anyone confirm?

well it’s a really great part of the film, i guess he regrets that he declined