7 Colt per 7 carogne (René Cardona Jr., 1967)

Found this poster at Chisholm Larsson and then the film itself got me curious. Did a little searching and found the following information:

Here is stated (under 1968) that it was shot in Italy:

Whereas here it is said to be an American film, and the same film as La vuelta del Mexicano.

Here is the imdb link:

Does anybody know anything more about this film?

That poster looks really SW-ish!

Never heard of that pal. Sorry.

That´s because the poster is Italian.

The cast are all a bunch of unknowns, or aka´s, except Norman Stuart.
At this website I found out Cardona Jr. did direct a couple of Spanish or Italian / Mexican co-productions, so it could well be some lost spaghetti western, especially as it has an Italian title.

I’ve got this/these (same film) directed by Rene Cardona (Jr.) (there’s some pics of the women in it playing cards on the ‘nudity’ thread) - but I think this is a wholly mexican production.
I think maybe your film maybe to if he’s involved?

The Bruckner book doesn’t have it, which means Bruckner had no informations that this film was made or shot in Europe.

Not the same according to imdb that has a different cast…

Hmmmm - the plot thickens.

These are not even the same directors. Most likely father and son.

Rene Cardona Jr, is or was a famous director in Mexico and also in Spain, is father was also a director, he had quite an international carrer directing several american actors inclunding John Huston for instance, made a lot of very successfull sex comedies in the sixties with the Great Silvia Pinal the famous mexican sex symbol still in the active today.
I know that is son Cardona Jr III is also a filmaker in Mexico they are a family of filmakers.
I’ve seen several of Cardona Jr films I recomend the jaws rip off Tintorera.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:5, topic:2297”]I’ve got this/these (same film) directed by Rene Cardona (Jr.) (there’s some pics of the women in it playing cards on the ‘nudity’ thread) - but I think this is a wholly mexican production.
I think maybe your film maybe to if he’s involved?

But the vhs and the dvd are the same film, no?
I myself have the dvd, a fine film. Better than a lot of spaghetti westerns.

But all this don’t solve the damn mystery. Really odd is the Italian title. Why not a Spanish one?
I’ve meanwhile Googled the other aka’s, but no results there. This film obviously was marketed in Italy and perhaps even (partially) shot at Cinecitta.

Bey seing the film isn’t possible to guess the location? Westerns made in Italy are normally easy to spot, from those made in Mexico or in the USA, but it’s really strange a film not made in Italy to have an Italian (first) title, but the production company was mexican. Maybe their were trying to take advantage of the sucess of the Leone and Corbuci films

There was a father and son by the same name - but God, Guns and Guts is by ‘junior’ - altho the front cover (of the dvd) just says R.C. - the back mentions the jr. bit.

Yeah - I had the vid long before the dvd came out - dvd better quality and uncut.

Yeah, should have read your post better, haha.

Eagle 6 is a nice label. I have El Macho on Eagle 6.

El Topo’s suggestion is very practical, but not when there’s no movie to view. If anyone has seen it, please report here.

7 Colt per 7 carogne is La vuelta del Mexicano (1967) directed by René Cardona Senior, modified and with the addition of scenes imported from contemporary Spanish productions.

See here, reply #5

A bit late, but fuck it.

7 Colt per 7 carogne is NOT La vuelta del Mexicano.

Different director, Sr. instead of Jr., and a totally different cast. Source is incorrect. See posters.

Some William Cliff dude is in both 7 Colt per 7 carogne and Una Colt, 5 dollari, una carogna. IMDB mistakenly claims these are the same film, but they’re not. They merely share the same main actor and the same director (Jr.).

I took the liberty to add Una Colt, 5 dollari, una carogna to the database:

If anyone knows anything about these films, or where to find them, please share this info. I’d like to see them both.

Official documents show that Una Colt, 5 dollari una carogna and Sette Colt per sette carogne are the spaghettiesque versions of El Mexicano - El Retador and La vuelta del Mexicano respectively, both Mexican productions directed by René Cardona Sr.

Practically all actors have only 1 credit because the names - just like in Adios Cjamango, the Italian version of Los rebeldes de Arizona by Zabalza - are pseudonyms. William Cliff should be Jorge Rivero.

Both films are available on YouTube in original version. In the spaghettiesque versions SW music was certainly added, and since the runtimes for the Italian versions were 84 and 82 minutes a few additional scenes for 7 Colt per 7 carogne (see Reply#13) seem confirmed.

If you are not convinced, compare this screenshot from the YouTube version with the lobby card… :wink:


Either way, 7 Colt per 7 carogne and Una Colt, 5 dollari, una carogna are not the same film. So, I’m glad we’re on the same page there. Of course I knew all the cast names are aka’s.

Still puzzled by the Chardon thing, as this is an alias for Jr. not Sr.

Perhaps I should order the French photo novels, that were released for both movies.

In which films Cardona Jr used this alternate name Richard Chardon?

Dunno, will check that later. Seems safe to say that it was indeed Sr. who directed both. I’m working all this info into the database.

Meanwhile this site claims it was shot in Cinecitta (perhaps interior scenes):

Also, the character was renamed Ringo for the Italian version and 7 Colt per 7 carogne is the sequel of Una Colt, 5 dollari, una carogna.

I would be interesting to know whose music was added to these films.

Added a bunch of stuff to the respective pages. Any more info, images etc. appreciated.

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