3 new Winnetou-Western-movies from Ratpack/RTL

What a pleasure to watch the three new Winnetou-films from RatPack, produced for the RTL-TV-channel. The story of a german adventurer, making friendship to the fictional Apache Chief Winnetou, finally becoming blood brothers. Not to close to the classic films from the 60ies with late Lex Barker und Pierre Brice, but with references to them an the novels as well. Starting with more than 5 millions viewers for part one on December 25. Great fun to the see the german relatives from Coopers Deerslayer-heroes on the locations of croatia, where the classic films have been made about 50 years ago. Hoping, they will go on, as there are some stories of Karl May who deserve to be told again.

I have so far skipped them… not a big fan of straight-to-TV…


Will catch them on BluRay or so. On that occasion it seems we have at least a duplicate in the DB, I hope I could correct those. It was aired as a three-movie event. I havent heard anything about international releases or English-friendly BluRays