2018 SWDb Survey

While the Spaghetti Western Database is a hobby and a project by a community of people, we’re still interested in professionally optimizing, we want to analyze what works, and make improvements. Our overall goal is for everyone to find what they’re looking for in the world of spaghetti westerns. So please spare a minute and answer the following 5 questions.

Question 1: When using the SWDb (the main site, not the forum!), are you usually able to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for?

  • Yes, it’s always easy to find things quickly
  • No, I struggle with searching and browsing the SWDb sometimes

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Question 2: What is your main route of finding something on the SWDb?

  • The search bar
  • Clicking through categories (“browse all”)
  • I use Google
  • Following links from the Main Page

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Question 3: How do you mainly get your SWDb news (new reviews, articles, releases, etc.)?

  • This forum
  • SWDb Facebook page
  • SWDb Twitter
  • The newsletter
  • I check the Main Page regularly

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Question 4: What type of content are you missing from the SWDb the most?

  • Images (posters, lobby cards, stills, etc.)
  • Trailers and other video material
  • Synopsis (story summaries of movies)
  • Cast and Credits info
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
  • Soundtrack and music info

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Question 5: Do you subscribe to the SWDb newsletter?

  • You have a newsletter?
  • Yes, and thanks for not spamming me every week. Love it.
  • No, I rather follow here or on social media
  • I used to, but it wasn’t helpful.

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Thank you! Please feel free to add your comments below. We’re looking forward to your feedback on how to make the SWDb better! Extra points if you come up with really helpful additional survey questions :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastian, The website is a very good website. In the most cases , I usually find very quickly what I am looking for. Except, the section about available dvd/blu-ray editions for every movie. Sometimes is the region not correct (in most cases when the region must be 0 there is mentioned 1 ) , and all the subtitles are not always mentioned which is very important for those who are no americans or english natives.
And in some cases the list is not complete.
Also, when a movie is also in a movie box with 3/4/10/or more other movies, they are not always mentioned.
For the rest, I enjoy the SWDB every time.

Hi @jacobsajc ! Thank you so much for your feedback. This really is so valuable! I a glad you can find your way around. We will definitely to improve things further with a next upgrade.
As for your remarks: There is certainly a lot of information in the SWDb that lacks accuracy. However, we can only offer information we know, and so we rely on our community to supply corrections, additions and additional facts. So when you spot a wrong region, a missing or incorrect subtitle or missing dvd releases, please do let us know and we can immediately correct that. In the long term, if you want to consider joining our team of editors, you are of course also most welcome!

Cheers amigo

I voted for trailers, but would love if becoming a repository of decent-quality international posters was a secondary goal of the SWDB.

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Credit to the whole team… Running SWDB is very time consuming.Keep up the good work. Pedro

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I took the survey and if it asked for me to rate it I’d give it a 5 outta 5. The whole team does an excellent job here and is so dedicated to ensuring the site stays well managed and clean. Love you guys so much!

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One thing that’s for certain, is that we need more folks making more contributions to the SWDB, like adding pictures and posters, updating accuracy of DVD/BluRay info, keeping the calender up to jazz and adding readable text to all kinds of pages, adding external articles as links and much more, we need to keep the database up to speed and usable. That’s just me realizing some things as I am updating some Kino Lorber release pages some of which have been unkept for almost 2 years :slight_smile: