2007 movie with spencer and gemma?

on the Kill 'em all and come back alone dvd, Ken Wood sais he was working with Gemma and Spencer on a film in 2007. I go to imdb.com and i still don’t have a clue!

anyone have an idea? maybe it was '06?

Maybe it never materialized.

I remember in a dvd interview Franco Nero was saying he was working on a new movie with Castellari but that was back in 2001 and we haven’t seen anything except for the little mini film that he did on the original django anchor bay disc.

The Nero/Castellari project has been in the talking stages for many years.
If you ask Enzo if the movie is still in the works, he will say YES. Even though they haven’t even begun any real work on it. I asked him about this just a few months ago and he replied the same way he replied when I asked him about it in 2004: “we are just working on the budget”.
So, who knows when that project will ever get off the ground.

Also, in 2004, Aldo Sanbrell showed me a photo of himself with Gemma, Terence Hill, Tonino Valerii, and Bud Spencer (who was almost cropped out of the entire photo for some reason). He told me at that time they would be making a Western in Almeria the next year. But, it didn’t happen…

So, maybe it is the same with the Spencer/Gemma film. Maybe it was something that was planned and they might have even got around to shooting a few things; but, it might be on hold for one reason or another, at this point.

The movie business is a great deal more than fickle, let me tell you!
I, myself, have been “on the line” as the composer for the film HIRED GUNS (which was, at one point, to star Franco Nero) since late 2005. The project has gone through four or five different incarnations with just as many production houses and cast changes!

there’s a german film coming out soon starring nero and spencer, btw… looking forward to that one, whatever it might turn out as… kinda star-studded (at least German household names)

Seems to be a Comedy !

yeah, like a crime comedy or something. but the cast sounds promising. i’ll post a review after it’s out in theaters

Spencer seems to be still very active on films and politics etc. And he’s nearly 80.

80!..well they better get a move on then in making the film…