10,000 Ways to Die (Alex Cox)

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I wonder when I’ll ever find the time to read this :slight_smile: oh how I’m looking forward to being unemployed

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It ain´t what it´s all cracked up to be.

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Thank you very much Bad Lieutenant; it is much appreciated.

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I read some opinions about the book from this topic and i’m not sure if i should buy it or not. I have seen 5 or 6 Spaghetti westerns so far, and i know the basic facts about the genre already, but i want to know some more. Would you recommend this book for me? I’m going to watch more SW’s later on, does this have spoilers?

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Yeah, the book does have spoilers, but most of them are in the plot synosis section. I’d buy it, as it not only gives indepth reviews of Spaghetti’s, it also gives a good overview and history of the genre.

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Yes, definitely recommended. It’s full of good stuff but, beware, it is also full of opinions and not everyone will agree.

A good book for relative newbies to the genre is also Howard Hughes’ Essential Guide. More of a beginner’s guide which may be a better place to start.
Check it out here.


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Looks like Alex Cox has a new book out (not on SWs specifically, but film in general):

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I generally enjoy Alex Cox’s take on things. Opinionated passion is far preferable to mediocre banality in my book…


My problem with him is the amount of ludicrous and frankly lazy inaccuracies he offers without seemingly giving the matter a second thought … As I mentioned earlier, his commentary on the ‘Shalako’ BD is chock full of bullshit.
During the scenes where the hunting party are dining at the old fort, when they all meet ‘Shalako’ for the first time. Cox tells us that it’s the set from ‘Death Rides a Horse’ !!! … NO way buster! not even close … it’s a completely different set near the Almeria coast, with a very different landscape, not to mention architecture.
For someone who claims to have lived in Tabernas for a time, and proclaims himself as an authority, this, for me, as a dedicated location fan is quite unacceptable. But who’s there to challenge these comments? … he’s the frigging expert! :weary:
I wouldn’t offer to commentate on a sporting event, because I know damn all about it - and anyone offered the job of giving expert opinion should at least do a little homework, or just shut the fuck up! There’s dozens of other gaffs on this track, but I think I’ve made the point.


His biggest asset seems to be stating his very esoteric opinions as facts.


Well, that’s critics for ya! … same BS when it comes to Art programmes on TV … you never hear, "This is only my opinion, but what I feel the artist was saying 400 years ago may have been … " It’s always pure conjecture presented as fact. Cunts! LOL :laughing:


I’ve always thought Cox acted more like a critic than a director. His SW book just makes me laugh, and not in a good way.


He does have a lot of time on his hands! :grinning: … and I have a special dislike for persons who set themselves up as ‘experts’, particularly when their factual info is crap.

There must be all the ego of a film director, but from what I can remember little of the talent.

At least with someone like Christopher Frayling, you know he’s worked his ass off, and is genuinely passionate on the subject - But even Sir Chris gets it wrong on occasion too.
The problem with people publishing books on this specialist genre, is that there’s never going to be an editor or assistant to say, “Actually that’s incorrect!” His biggest gaff for me was stating that Gian Maria Volonte dubbed his own English dialogue in ‘For a Few Dollars More’ when in fact it was the same American voice actor, Bernie Grant, who also did Volonte’s dub in ‘Fistful’, and seemingly 100s of other SWs.
Why come out on record (literally, on the audio commentary track) with something completely unverified ??? Perhaps he meant that Leone wanted him to learn the English dialogue phonetically … ?


Yeah I would love to ask Frayling who the hell told him that.

It’s clearly the exact same voice in both dollars films, & Quien Sabe. Bernard Grant is always instantly recognisable… Vee in Navajo Joe, and the drunk captain in GBU etc.


Perhaps Frayling is tone deaf, or thinks that Gian Maria Volonte stepped in to voice Gabriele Ferzetti as Mister Morton in OUTW ??? :laughing:

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Alex Cox has not made a decent film in years, and when he did he had to many ideas in his head and referencing other peoples work. So as you can gather not to much time for the man.


Yeah … he does act rather superior - a hard man to love ! :smile:


Haha, sounds like another director I know of.

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Stating that Leone had a cameo in Hossein’s “Cemetery without Crosses” was a pretty big gaffe too