Hi there
My name is Chris. I am from Sydney ,Australia. I have been a film collector for the last 25 years since my teens. I might have a film collection of around 1000 films. I pretty much collect and like watching various genres but particularly films from late 60s into 1970s and 80s. Spaghetti Westerns I have been collecting and watching sporadically over the years but in the last 5 years have taken a much deeper interest into the genre upon realising how enjoyable these films are and that they are more gritty, dark, emotive and violent than a lot of American westerns. I have bought a lot of Spaghetti Western films the last 6 months to stock up on.
I enjoy “Revenge” films , this theme can be in different movie genres but story’s of revenge and comeuppance, entertain and satisfy me… Obviously Spaghetti Westerns have lots of revenge plots.

I am a fan of European cinema and I also collect Giallos. I enjoy serious and violent films, grindhouse, crime films , horror, blaxploitation, action and thriller. I do like some American westerns but more the violent and serious ones such as The Wild Bunch (1969) and 1970s American westerns.
With my film 1000 film collection I haven’t seen all the films ,maybe around 300 or so I haven’t watched yet. I put films aside and watch them a few months or many years later after buying them. I buy films on a weekly basis.
What else can I say about myself, I work in the government. I like video games mostly sport ones. I watch Rugby Union. I am around 40 years old. I am married and I enjoy weekend evenings just watching a movie and having a few beers.
I dislike old black and white or old American westerns made before 1965. I find them boring , dull, awful music and too conservative with violence. I really like how cinema changed as the world was changing in the mid 1960s and became less conservative. Breakthrough films made like Bonnie and Clyde , The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunch redefined violence on screen.

My favourite top Spaghetti Westerns I have see so far: ( I own a lot more just haven’t watched them yet )

Once upon a time in the West (1969)
Duck you Sucker (1971)
Good Bad and The Ugly (1967)
For a Few Dollars More (1965)
Shoot The Living, Pray for The Dead (1971)
A Town Called Hell (1971)
The Grand Duel (1972)
The Unholy Four (1970)
The Great Silence (1968)
And God Said To Cain (1970)

My Favourite films (Non Spaghetti):

Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia - 1974
The Wild Bunch - 1969
Black Christmas - 1974
Mr Majestyk - 1974
French Connection 2 - 1975
Dillinger - 1973
Lizard in a Woman’s Skin - 1971
Twilights Last Gleaming - 1977
Death Wish 2 - 1981
The Mechanic - 1972