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Just re viewed Zorro The Rebel.

Mixture of themes in this one in which Zorro struggles with. But the main one is land rights, with a good helping of women problems thrown in for good measure. Lots of Spaghetti regular actors in this good natured early Zorro film.

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Zorro contro Maciste (Italy 1963 / Director: Umberto Lenzi)
Most databases list Franco De Simone in the cast, but in the Italian credits it’s Franco De Leone.

Appearing in several pieces of this period including a couple of other Lenzi films, (Superseven chiama Cairo and Un milione di dollari per sette assassini), is Francesco De Leone. Would it be possible this may be the same actor? @JonathanCorbett, might you have any information?

(JonathanCorbett) #83

In view of the fact that Franco is a contracted form of Francesco (Gulà was for instance occasionally credited as Francesco) I really think so.

In any case, Franco De Leone is also listed in the closing credits of the highly trashy musical White Pop Jesus (1980).

According to Anica and IMDb in SuperSeven Calling Cairo De Leone plays Professor Gabin, but I didn’t see the actor below in Zorro contro Maciste.

Actors in common between the two movies: in addition to Aureli, Serato and uncredited Bruno Ukmar (here General Savedra soldier, just like Mauro Mannatrizio) I noticed this guy. He also seems to be in White Pop Jesus, so we need further checks! :slight_smile:

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You may be on to something. IMDB has Francesco as the 2nd detective in After the Fox. Isn’t this the same guy on the right?

(JonathanCorbett) #85

Yes, it’s him!!!

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Good! Seems someone needs to re-think Professor Gabin :slight_smile: . What would you say his role is? Queen’s page? manservant? attendant? She refers to Gonzalo earlier, but I got the impression he was probably the older guy helping her out of the carriage at Joaquim’s pub.

(JonathanCorbett) #87

Queen’s attendant, or maybe Queen’s messenger.

Zorro the Rebel
Brief appearance of Jeff Cameron.
Rosy De Leo plays Rosita.
According to Anica, Pollanetsquad and IMDb Alfonso’s correct surname is Giganti.

In my opinion Regina Seiffert is without a doubt Conchita - the cantina girl - and not Pilar, the girl with Don Alvarez (maybe Gioia Zanetti, we have to check Zorro, the Navarra Marquis). What do you think?

Regina Seiffert in Capriccio all’italiana (1968)

Rosy De Leo in Zorro marchese di Navarra

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Brief appearance of Jeff Cameron. I didn’t think so. In my notes I have 'a younger skinnier Jeff Cameron look-a-like’
Rosy De Leo plays Rosita. Yes, Camencita in Zorro contro Maciste
Alfonso’s correct surname is Giganti. Yes, of course :blush:
maybe Gioia Zanetti, we have to check Zorro, the Navarra Marquis ??

Conchita, Rosita and Carmencita :slight_smile:

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El Zorro the Fox (1968) with Giorgio Ardisson, I suppose could be a sort of prequel to Zorro in Spain (1962) as he is returning from a stay in Mexico in that one. I like Ardisson as Zorro. Is that the bird speaking at the end in the Italian version? The 2 thieves, Poldo and Pancho, in bad wigs, I believe are Spartaco Battisti and Gippo Leone (Gipo or Gippo?).

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Yes, that’s the dove.

In the credits Gipo won three to one :slight_smile:

I don’t know Vagnozzi and Vallejo, maybe the actors playing Father Eusebio and Firpo (the strangled bandit)?

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Firpo (sounds like Felipe with a lisp to me) the bandit leader, the hood called Jeff in Chiamate 22-22, tenente Sheridan and the inspector in L’arcangelo (1969). Juan Vallejo is fairly highly credited (not on the last page, anyway)

(JonathanCorbett) #92

Thanks! I don’t know why he’s third from the bottom in the Italian credits…

I re-watched Zorro il dominatore recently and it turns out that Pasquale Simeoli (also in El Zorro de Monterrey and credited as Mark Steven in Vayas con Dios, Gringo) and Dino/Lino Desmond (The Tramplers, Perchè uccidi ancora, Spara Gringo Spara) are the same person.

From left to right: Perchè uccidi ancora, Slaughter on the Khyber Pass, El Zorro de Monterrey, Zorro il dominatore

Still on the subject of Merino’s 1st Zorro, the Spanish credits should disclose the name of the actress who plays the part of Manuela.

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Vagnozzi seems to be a one timer. Do you know Grazia Fei, maybe the widow Dona Inez?
From pics this should be Gianni Pulone on the left? has his identity been confirmed?

IMDB has Don Carlos as Andrea Fantasia, I’m not sure. Here with Sergio Sagnotti and Dino Strano

I did not spot Artemio Antonini but in minor roles: Marcello Meconizzi, Alba Maiolini, Romano Milani, Maurizio Streccioni, Romano Targa, Mario Dionisi, Luciano Bonanni, Attilio Severini, Franco Moruzzi, Gilberto Galimberti, Rocco Lerro, Luigi Mannoia (tbc)

(JonathanCorbett) #94

Not sure about Andrea Fantasia and Pulone.

This 45rpm single record was released in 1968: if this is the same Grazia Fei, which seems likely, I believe she’s playing the cantina girl role and in any case we can rule out Dona Inés.

I will gladly watch La bambolona again in the near future, but if she’s in that short sequence with 100 girls walking around half naked finding her will not be very easy! :relaxed:

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I know what you mean! I watched it about a week ago.

(JonathanCorbett) #96

The Pollanetsquad image is correct.

To have a complete picture, here’s Pulone with a beard in Ritratto di donna velata (1975)

In El Zorro I think he might be this guy in a dark red suit

(JonathanCorbett) #97

El Zorro - La belva del Colorado is not an alternate title for Tessari’s Zorro: it refers with certainty to Santo contra los jinetes del terror, Mexican production directed by René Cardona jr. featuring the famous masked wrestler

(carlos) #98

While checking something in Indio Black, I came across Garcia (to the right of Father Eusebio). Furio Pellerani is also credited in El Rojo, but I’m not finding him there, so I checked Churchill’s Leopards (the priest) and Sigpress contro Scotland Yard (French inspector). We’ll see about El Rojo.

(JonathanCorbett) #99

Same here, but I don’t have a good quality copy and can’t see the faces of the Mexicans appearing around 53:50 (Garcia) and 57:10, for instance.

According to Anica in Come svaligiammo la Banca d’Italia Furio plays Ferdinando (left), and Nino Pellerani is Fabio, our guy on the right: this is almost certainly a mistake, in any case Nino is also credited in Sigpress, so we must take this into consideration.


I also noticed a couple of things not related to Zorro movies

  1. The Database pic of Mirko Ellis is wrong
  2. In El Rojo, the re-done opening credits in red lettering list Andrea Fantasia and… Elio Angelucci. ‘Blackbeard’ is in the movie, but as everybody knows by now he’s not Angelucci!

(carlos) #100

so Mino = Nino?

Wow, that’s been there for a while :frowning_face: