Your fave funny scenes?


You know… the GBU classic “if you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk” seems to be most people’s favorite. It was such a relief that Tuco shot him before he continued his tedious speech. If only we can do that in “real life.” :-*

The other one I love is when in Duck, You Sucker Rob Steiger envisions a Bank Marquee hovering over James Coburn when he discovered he’s an explosives expert.

What’s yours?

For me the scene with the Prophet in For a Few Dollars more, the entire scene is marvellous, but I paticularly like Clint saying he’s leaving before the prophet will loose his temper

Love that scene !

The scene with widow and Gemma in For a Roof a Skyfull of Stars. It’s such a funny and wonderfully directed scene.

Well, sticking to straight Westerns, I’ve always been tickled by Mara Krupp’s lascivious reaction to Clint’s appearance in FFDM.

I love the Prophet scene too! Not a big susprise that it’s a favorite of Ennioo ;).

Tuco’s cheery greeting to the sheriff.

Colonel Mortimer’s first encounter with the Hunchback.

Colonel Mortimer’s second encounter with the Hunchback.

Tuco decides to buy a gun.

The bandit chief discovers that Bambino is not a Mormon.

Vasco fails to grasp the nature of photography.

Trinity realises that Mormon life is not quite what he expected.

Blindman discovers that the women on the train are not the ones he started out with.

Juan’s sidekick proves his expertise with dynamite.

Tuco demonstrates his bedside manner.

And as pointed out above, that bathroom scene. ;D

The funniest of them all is the Mexican who becomes a drunk in They Call Him Trinity :D.

“How can you trust a man that wears both a belt and suspenders? He can’t even trust his own pants”

autephex, got a screenshot?

BTW Silence is more grown up than most grown ups ;D

I like the restaurant scene in Trinity is still my name.

They look at the menu and say “Give us some food!!”.

The slapping scenes in both My Name is nobody and Trinity is still my name is good too.

THE STRANGER RETURNS. We open to see Tony Anthony riding along with his pink parasol. He stops, unburdens his horse (named Pussy) and sits to have a smoke. Meanwhile, Pussy strolls out to jump up a rabbit so Tony can shoot it and have a bite to eat. Sheer fucking brilliance i tells ya. ;D

the dance of Charles Southwood in ‘they called him hallelujah’ ;D
bud spencer from ‘budy goes west’ almoust all the movie but my favorite the eating scene!
trinity is still my name= the poker game
for a few dollars more= the pipe scene with claus kinski and lee van cleef
bad man’s river= ha ha all the movie!!! it’s soo funny!! ;D
call him cemetery= cemetery training the kids
charge!=Cpt. Chadwood Willer blackmail to rape the mexican girl and then the mexican girl tries to rape him and he doesn’t want!!

Charles Bronson as Harmonica in Once Upon a Time in the West…after beating the crap out of the guy in the laundry house he says with a straight face “you know Wobbles…I’m kinda mad at you”.