Wrath of God / L’ira di Dio (Alberto Cardone, 1968)

I need to re-watch L’Ira Di Dio, it’s been a long time. Remember being a decent spaghetti.

Nevertheless he was dead, and being dead pursued Mike.

I love the atmosphere in this film. Nice choice of locations with a great score from Lacerenza. Yes, it’s a standard revenge film but like Margheriti’s Vengeance, it manages to epitomise the feeling of a spaghetti western and that’s why I like it so much. I don’t think Cardone made a bad western.

Surprise, surprise, a fine DVD release from White Pearl Classics / Daredo: Django – ein Silberdollar für einen Toten, German and Italian audio, good video quality, 92 minutes (PAL). Minuses: no subtitles, no English audio.

Really like this one. Wrath of God + The Kidnapping would be a good double feature for Wild East to consider.

The music, including the main theme composed and trumpet played by Michele Lacerenza is the best thing with this revenge SW directed by Alberto Cardone.
His Blood At Sundown/One Thousand Dollars on the Black (7/10) has a more interesting story IMO (also with good music by Michele Lacerenza).

Wrath Of God has 3 rather boring fist fights in the first 25 minutes. There are many riding scenes in the ramblas of the Tabernas desert and since they are accompanied by the nice music I like them.
Several times they start a ride in Tabernas desert , Spain and end up in Lazio, Italy or vice versa, which is not uncommon in SWs.

In one riding scene, definitely in the Tabernas desert (most likely at Las Salinillas west of highway-92), the antihero approaches a western town, but seconds later reaches western buildings in Lazio, Italy probably the Laurentiis Studio ).
Could the western town at Las Salinillas also be a “fake scene” (matte) as in Cardone’s Blood At Sundown ? Though there have been western buildings before in that area, but I can’t recall that many.

In spite of some weaknesses mentioned above I could stretch my rating up to a weak 6/10 (and rank 79 on my SW Top list) after the first watching (although maybe influenced by the very good image quality of the DVD-R with Italian audio and English subs).
The main character played by Brett Halsey looked better than some other leading actors in this type of “C”-SW, but the story and plot in detail in Wrath Of God both are a bit thin. I have watched several more impressing revenge stories, but still I at least now rank it before Shotgun/Vengeance Is My Forgiveness (Roberto Mauri).

77 Quintana: Dead or Alive (Vincenzo Musolino) music Felice Di Stefano 1969
78 Poker With Pistols (Giuseppe Vari) 1967
79 Wrath of God (Alberto Cardone) music Michele Lacerenza 1968
80 Shotgun/Vengeance Is My Forgiveness (Roberto Mauri) 1968
81 No Graves On Boot Hill/Three Crosses Not to Die/Three Crosses of Death (Sergio Garrone) 1968

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Really enjoyed this one 7/10. Not without flaws, but great music and a revenge story with Brett Halsey playing Mike who I thought of as a calmer version of Robert Woods’ Black Jack which was made in the same year (1968)