World Cup 2018 Russia

(scherpschutter) #81

I guess they will, my post was more like: just imagine we get Semi Final pairings like this …

(Asa) #82

Spain out now.

(scherpschutter) #83

Yes, No Italy, no Holland, Germany out, Argentina out, Spain out

What’s next? Mexico beating Brazil?

(El Topo) #84


At leat we didn’t return all alone

(Stanton) #85

Spain played a similar slow ball possession football as Germany. I haven’t watched the extra time, but I guess it did not get better, and then it is not a real surprise. They were better than Russia in the 2nd half, but like Germany lacked vitality, showed not enough will, and were not efficient with their chances.

Despite all these talented players, they disappointed now the 3rd time in a row. It seems we have good ole Spain again, like we knew them before 2008, mostly less than possible.

(Stanton) #86

I would like that, and then England making it …

(Asa) #87

Croatians scrape through at the expense of the Danes. Nervy penalty shoot-out all round.

(El Topo) #88

Schemeichel didn’t deserve it really, but glad Croatia went through they play attacking football, something is somehow missing in this world cup.
We actually failed because we end up facing another team that plays our type of football, defensive controlling the midfield, but they do it better (two fantastic center backs and forwards), Uruguay seems Atletico Madrid playing.
With the type of young players we have now, Portugal must start playing more in front and not just trusting Ronaldo to score and waiting for error of the other team.
But from what I’ve seen possession tiki taka style is old news, go tell that to the Spanish team, teams are excelling in defending giving away ball possession and try to counter now and then.
Since there’s no Holland from the start to support when Portugal exits early, I’m hoping for the Belgians to win thy really got a good chance, even England can be a contender now, they have a similar team to France but not so strong.
At least I’m hoping for an European team to win

(scherpschutter) #89

They had a few minor minor chances in extra-time, but the game was a real stinker. in the end Russia probably deserved it because they did the best they can. They have a mediocre team, with only a couple of above average or even good players (Golovin for example), but they fight for every inch of ground. Spain should be ashamed of themselves, having so much ball posession and creating so little (next to nothing) in 120 minutes. Their game has become slow, dull, sleep-inducing

(The Man With a Name) #90

I really hope so! I haven’t been pessimistic at all this time round.

(Stanton) #91

Now Brasil is definitely the big favourite. But on the way to the final they will most likely have to face Belgium and hopefully France.
Hmm, Brasil is gifted enough for another win, but then, I hope they don’t, for the simple fact that they have already won enough.

An outsider win is more fun …

(scherpschutter) #92

It’s the hard way, one side of the program (with Brasil, Belgium, France, Uruguay) looks definitely stronger than the other one

(scherpschutter) #93

A narrow escape for the Red Devils, most people here had the scare of their life.

(Asa) #94

You must have thought that was the end of that, scherp. I certainly did. Still, serves the Japanese right :slightly_smiling_face::

(Stanton) #95

Scherp, do you think Belgium has, apart from having some luck, a real chance against Brasil?

(scherpschutter) #96

Well, actually it was my wife - who is belgian - who thought it was the end, I still had the feeling they were not beaten at 0-2. Not because they were that good (they were awfull), but because of the adventurous type of football of this japanese team. Any other team would have built a wall, played ant-football, but the Japanese kept playing their open game. I knew that would result in some Belgian chances

But they’ll have to improve a lot if they want to have any kind of chance against the favorites from Brazil

(scherpschutter) #97

An unusual tournament indeed. England winning a penalty shootout.

Congratulations, gentlemen

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(El Topo) #99

Yes unusual, for sure.

Glad for England, more happy it was an ex Sporting player Dier, to score the decisive penalty.

England is in the soft side of the tournment, but things are as they are, and reaching the semis anything can happen

(Stanton) #100

Yes, this is really a weird WC …

… all the usual certainties are gone.