Hello Friends!!

I want to purchase the double feature dvd by Wild East of BEYOND THE LAW/THE GRAND DUEL on ebay. Is THE GRAND DUEL by Wild East the full length version? Thanx guys.

It’s cut according to fistful of DVDs site:

Thanx so much for the info.


Seems to be only very minor cuts. Its still a good purchase.

yeah I think there’s not really a reason not to get this. The german DVD of Beyond the Law is unmatched in terms of audio quality, in my knowledge, but it’s not English-friendly…

Hello Friends-

Wild East’ GRAND DUEL only runs 90 mins. But everywhere I’ve read said it should run 98 mins. Anyone know the story with this version? I don’t mind a few cuts, but 8 mins sounds like a lot. Does this has something to do with the PAL speed (which I still don’t understand)? These UNOFFICIAL running times are starting to drive me nuts with these spaghetti westerns.



Thanx for the info, Sebastian. That clears a lot of thing up. Do u own Wild East’s dvd of THE GRAND DUEL? Do u know roughly how much has been edited from the film? Again, if it’s only a few minutes, I’m fine with that, but 5 mins + seems like a lot to me.


I don’t own it, I’ve only seen this movie on TV before.

I have it but I’m not really aware of any cuts… honestly you’re going to be hard pressed to find a better version any time soon, if ever

Can anyone make any sense out of the website that ALKO posted in this thread? It breaks down the different versions of THE GRAND DUEL. From what I understand it appears that THE GRAND DUEL IS missing quite a bit a footage compared to the German vhs.


it seems so…

haven’t looked into this title at all regarding cuts, will have to check it out. Always figured if WE released it then it should be uncut

anyone have the German VHS?

wild east doesnt mean uncut, what gave you that idea. in most cases all they claim is the uncut US THEATRICAL version, which doesnt mean at all its uncut in general

I have the wildeast version and the movie seems pretty complete to me.

well, i never thought that they claimed fully uncut releases, but i assumed for the most part their releases are… i dont see why a small company releasing genre titles like this would even bother with releasing cut versions- as in my eyes that’s a complete waste of a release… i figured WE had enough love for the genre, being that they aren’t getting rich off this, to do things properly… and i’m not really aware of any WE releases which are cut, so i never had any reason to think otherwise

well, Wild East is run by an American, who saw the movies in the US as they were shown back then, it’s fully legit if they strive to bring the theatrical versions as they were shown then, to DVD, and not the Rome premiere version etc, for which seldomly complete dubs exist

eh, a foreign film cut for US release hardly justifies releasing said cut on DVD in my eyes… only thing worth releasing is the original how it was meant to be seen… not any way a studio may have cut it for a US (or wherever else) market…

A full dub isn’t much excuse either, that’s what subtitles are for

I’m not questiong them being legit, just my opinions… if you’re releasing old genre titles for hardcore fans(the only people buying these things really), then why not do it right?

I am though, still finding it odd that seemingly most of their new releases coincide with fan edits(including all the newly announced titles with unset release times…)

well who sais it’s not those “fans” ripping off Wild East’s material?

well, the “fans” say so of course…

i don’t necessarily really think anyone’s ripping off anyone… surely its within WE’s means to do this work themselves… but it is pretty uncanny how the titles they choose seem to line up with these fanedits