Who's the best among Italian minor leads?


George Eastman for me, I like the big fella.

Just found yet another poll on the Forum! And still open, it seems. So I vote for Andrea Giordana.

I vote for the guy in the photo on my profile,

Out of curiosity, here is the popularity of the actors mentioned in this thread on the basis of most-viewed filmographies on SWDB:

Fabio Testi 9.662
George Eastman 9.174
Jeff Cameron 7.934
Peter Martell 6.584
Robert Hundar 5.062
Antonio Sabato 4.647
Andrea Giordana 3.589
Tony Kendall 3.468
Giorgio Ardisson 3.326
Ivan Rassimov 2.863
Jerry Wilson 2.110
Steven Tedd 2.087
Alan Steel 1.966
Gianni Medici 577

No Database page for Gabriele Tinti and Corrado Pani

Not included in the Poll:

Dino Strano 4.208
Mimmo Palmara 4.007
Leonard Mann 2.741
Luigi Giuliani 1.333

Kirk Morris, Chet Davis, Dante Posani No Database page