Who's the best among Italian minor leads?

Excluding Italian genre giants like Nero, Gemma, Garko, Volonté, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer and also the Italian Brazilian Anthony Steffen, who was the most effective leading actor in your view?

Something tells me George Eastman…

I gave Rassimov my vote, but I also like Eastman, Ardisson and Hundar

Andrea Giordana

but i’d vote for Leonard Mann
but once again, he’s not there …

He’s an Italian-American born in New York; Rassimov and Steffen on the other hand were born and raised in Italy.

had my doubts between Rassimov and Testi, went for the second one, also liked Hundar and Eastman

Cool pool

I voted for Testi.

Hundar for me.

Robert Hundar for me aswell.

My vote goes to Fabio Testi.My absolute fave is Mario Brega 8).

Another one for Testi.

Andrea Giordana

To avoid a too dispersive list I have deliberately excluded Luigi Giuliani, Kirk Morris, Mimmo Palmara a.k.a. Dick Palmer, Chet Davis, Dino Strano, Dante Posani a.k.a. Montgomery Clark and leads in SW comedies like Carambola, Tedeum and Scansati… a Trinità arriva Eldorado, but unforgivably I have forgotten a rather interesting name (even though judging from his recently submitted Bottom-20 Lone Gringo will not agree ;D): Corrado Pani!

My absolute fave is Mario Brega 8)

He’s a good one, especially when showing up in a film with Luigi Pistilli.

Another omission (Gianni Medici leading actor in Vengeance for Vengeance), I am therefore obliged to edit the Poll.

In my opinion Brega is not a lead actor, nor is Pistili, otherwise Pistilli would be my favorite

I concur.

If Pistilli were aboard that list, he’d easily be my favorite.

Luigi Pistilli is probably a lead in Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I have the key, so I say he qualifies. Doesn’t he also have quite a significant role in Bay of Blood? Neither are Westerns, though.

Doesn't he also have quite a significant role in Bay of Blood?