Who sings on the Keoma and Mannaja soundtracks?

Starmummy, I assume you are using the term “singing” in a very loose context?!!! Actually, I really like both soundtracks, but many SW fans hate them.

You could say that. I love on the last song on the soundtrack when the lady is singing and then the guy jumps in and starts gurgling at the end of each line. I love the music too and even those songs, as bad as they are, I like.

Still need to find the Mannaja soundtrack.

I like’em both as well. Mannaja has better soundtrack in my opinion.
If you want i can check the interview this evening and quote what Nero has said on this topic and also check out interview on Mannaja disc [i don’t remeber if there’s anything about music].

Thanks but I have them both and will just re-watch the interviews tonight. I’m pretty sure it didn’t have specific info on the singers though.

It doesn’t, but it’s probably the best info you can get on that topic anyway

Put me on the list of SW fans that dislike the crooning in these two films. That stuff is fingernails on a chalkboard for me. Whew!!

I like the vocals in both up to a point. But it begins to grow old in both cases and really overstays its welcome!

I found MANNAJA’s the easier of the two to take. The female vocals on KEOMA begin to just sound like caterwauling to me after a while and become painfully distracting. That said, they both are very memorable in their own right.

I really like the Mannaja score, the music itself is great even if the singing sounds stupid or whatever to some people, the music certainly fits the mood of the film in my opinion!

Does the Keoma Soundtrack include a instrumental version of the main theme without singing? I would like that since I very much like the instrumental part of the music but not the singing.

As for Mannaja, I don’t like the “Black Barry White” part, but I do like the other more normal singing.

It goes something like: “…Your conscience will be satisfied” or something like that.

Yes, the first track on the soundtrack is an instrumental version of the theme song. The music is great. Definitely need to find the Mannaja soundtrack.

Thanks! I guess I can add the Keoma OST is on my “to get” list.

Just been listening to A Man Called Blade ost and forgot how Barry White the songs sound. Prompted me to listen to a few White songs on youtube for some reason, and so many of his songs are about…wait for it…“Love”.

I have strangely mixed feelings about the Keoma soundtrack. On one level, the songs (particularly the male vocals) are ridiculous and scene-destroying, yet on another they’re weirdly compelling, and if an extended soundtrack CD was ever released, I might actually buy it.

I got to see the original UK release print (known as The Violent Breed) a few years ago, and was interested to note that, while the violence largely escaped the censor’s scissors, the distributor had managed to chop out as much of the singing as possible!

PS. For observers of the British political scene - did you know the lyrics were written by Ian Duncan-Smith’s sister? Perhaps he was the vocalist.

"The quiet man is back, and he's turning up the volume ..."
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Keoma - Composers the Guido and Maurizio De Angelis
Song: “Keoma” sung by Sybil and Guy
Song: “In Front of My Desperation” sung by Guy

SYBIL (aka Susan Duncan, Susy Lion) (Susan Duncan Smith) [1946, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. - ] – lyricist, member of duet “Sybil and Guy” (aka “Susy and Guy”), sister of Tory politician Iaian Duncan Smith [1954- ]

GUY (Cesare De Natale) [1/8/1943, Florence, Tuscany, Italy - ] – composer, lyricist, member of “Hollipops”, duet “Sybil and Guy” (aka “Susan and Guy), also the group “Dandylion”, married to singer Susan Duncan Smith (1987- ).

Mannaja (A Man Called Blade) - Composers the Guido and Maurizio De Angelis
Songs: “Wolf”, “Snake” sung by Dandylion

Dandylion (aka GUY) (Cesare De Natale) [1/8/1943, Firenze Italy - ]

Thanks for the info Tom, but which one is the black guy?

Guy and Sybil are not black so I don’t know where Hill got that information. He may have Guy confused with someone else.

Does anyone has the Keoma Lyrics, please post it. I’m searching for this lyrics for years.

Correction Sybil is NOT Susan Duncan Smith. Sybil is Sibyl Amarilli Mostert born in Zimbabwe on April 14, 1954. and is a singer, musician [flute]. Susan Duncan Smith is Guy’s wife and songwriting partner.


And Guy is Guido De Angelis, see here