Which SW would you rate as 18+ today

(Dillinger) #6

Strangely enough no censor round here in germany has a problem with nudity as long as it’s no porn.

I think killing and shooting is OK as well, gore stuff is not OK.

Strong language is also OK.

So today 18+ would be things like:

Django (ear eating)
Four of the Apocalypse (raping, skin cutting, man eating)
Cut throats nine (raping, reaping, stabbing)


With the extreme films that are released today with; gore, violence , bad language and of course a mixture of all, I do not think I would rate many 18 if any. I would be looking at the age of 15 / 16 + for some thats all.

(Stanton) #8

Even a few porn scenes are no problem anymore.

9 Songs is free from the age of 16 up. Some similar ones also.

No, nowadays only extreme violence is for adults only.

In SWs: Cut Throats Nine

Maybe Django, maybe Silence, maybe Blindman, maybe 4 of the Apocalypse, maybe Django Kill. But only maybe.

But you can never be sure as censoring is mostly inconsequent.

(Dillinger) #9

I think Blindman is mostly harmless.

A censor would say: “Oh there’s that Beatle Boy in it! Maybe it’s a western musical?”

(Silence) #10

I think a movie have to be extremly violent to get an 18 rating. I’m 12 but I can anyways see all of them. Except Cut Throats Nine prehaps.

(Dillinger) #11

When I was 12 I didn’t watch things like Four of the Apocalypse.

Times have changed…

(Starblack) #12

Any Franco & Ciccio Western - you need to be 18+ to appreciate the sophisticated humour.

Ditto the Tresette films.

(Bill san Antonio) #13

[quote=“Starblack, post:12, topic:1763”]Any Franco & Ciccio Western - you need to be 18+ to appreciate the sophisticated humour.

Ditto the Tresette films.[/quote]haha. That would include Lando Buzzanca & Raimondo Vianello films too

(korano) #14

My list is following th MPAA codes. So if you are in Europe, pay it no heed.

(axl_foley_01) #15

I´m just imagining Ringo Starr walking towards the blind Tony Anthony singing “I want to hold your hand” ;D

(carlos) #16

or towards the 50 women when being ‘showered’ - Act NATURLly

(I...I...Idiot) #17

They’re gonna put him in the movies. Maybe he could have sang ‘We Can Work It Out’ with his acting coach :-\ I was gently weeping from his performance. :’(

(sartana1968) #18

cut throat’s 9
fasthand is still my name
great silence
navajo joe
masacre time

(Yodlaf Peterson) #19

GBU is still an “18” in England.

I used to think it was because of Tuco’s hiding but the extras disc is a “15” and has the extended version of that scene on it so I reckon it’s because of Lee Van Cleef at the start with the pillow execution.

(Stanton) #20

The old German DVD had only a part of the scene cut out in which Tuco smashes the sergeant’s head on a rock to get a FSK 16.

For the new DVD the rating was lowered for the uncut version.

(sartana1968) #21

also arizona colt

(SWreggie) #22

Maybe “Fast Hand Is Still My Name”

“Scalps” with safety.

Johnny Yuma has some brutal szenens (Broken Arm, the little Boy), but 16 is no problem for the most IW today i think.

(sartana1968) #23

navajoe joe
cut throats nine
great silence
hate thy neighbor
masacre time
fasthand is still my name

(Yodlaf Peterson) #24

[quote=“korano, post:3, topic:1763”]Comin’ at Ya (Violence, some Nudity)
Fasthand is Still My Name (Violence, Nudity)
Blindman (Violence, Graphic Nudity, some Language)
Sonny and Jed (Language, Brief Nudity, some Violence)
Django (Graphic Violence)
China 9, Liberty 37 (Graphic Nudity, Some Strong Language)
Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (Graphic Bloody Violence)
Four of the Apocalypse (Some Strong Graphic Violence, Nudity)
Dead Men Ride (Violence, Nudity)
Duck, You Sucker (Language, Violence)[/quote]
I’m aware you said MPAA, Just thought I’d say what I think would get an 18 cert here in England out of your list.

Four of the Apocalypse
Blindman (maybe)
Fighting fists of Shanghai Joe.

It’s quite a hard thing talk about because each country could/does have it’s differences how ratings work.

For instance an 18 in the U.K. means just that, no one under 18.

While the U.S. equivalent R means no one under 17 unless they are with someone over 17. Which means a little kid could go and see something with harrowing violence ;D

(Mickey13) #25

And what about El Puro?
Although the whole movie isn’t that violent, it has some really the savage and quite brutal Rosalba Neri’s death scene.
Of course it cannot compete with Cut Throats Nine, but…
What do you think guys?