Which CDs Do We Want to See?

I don’t know if CD producers drop in on this forum, but in case they do, I thought we could (a) thank them for all the great soundtracks that have finally become available in recent years, and (b) highlight which ones we’d like to hear next.

Off the top of my head, my nominations would be -

The Hills Run Red - I’ve got this on vinyl and really like it, but a CD release would be great. Does anyone know why it’s one of Morricone’s least available scores??

A Man Called Django aka W Django! I recently discovered this on YouTube - excellent theme by Piero Umiliani.

Too Much Gold for One Gringo (Lo Credevano un Stinco di Santo). Ditto YouTube, ditto excellent theme, this one By Marcello Giombini.

Garringo. Wonderful melancholy theme by Giombini, also found on YouTube.

Sartana Kills Them All. Great title song by Giombini, again on YouTube. Anyone know who sings it, by the way?

Shoot First, Laugh Last, aka The Stranger Returns. A proper release, please, not the CAM one which lasts about 25 minutes.

Massacre Time. Great title song and score by Lalo Gori, long overdue for a release.

Any other suggestions welcome!


Just a note about “Hills Run Red”. This soundtrack is available on CD medium in Film Score Monthly compilation boxset “The MGM Soundtrack Treasury”. It boxset became quickly soldout despite its high price. If my memory is correct, there was complaint that they had used bootleg LP as source for the “Hills Run Red” soundtrack because they hadn’t had proper master tapes.

Yes I had read that re The Hills Run Red aswell.

I would like to see a C.D of Bandidos by Egisto Macchi given the expanded treatment of course, as my old L.P is a little worn out now.

The Garringo soundtrack would be nice to have, and the same can be said about a propper english friendly version of the film.

[quote=“Extranjero, post:1, topic:1778”]Sartana Kills Them All
Massacre Time[/quote]I’d also like to see these 2.

Yes, I read the liner notes for that one online, and was surprised that they hadn’t had access to the master tapes, especially as they’d just done such a great job with Navajo Joe from the same year.

I was talking to soundtrack producer Lionel Woodman at a film fair recently, and he said there was a problem with the copyright for the Hills Run Red score - that basically no-one really owned it. But I also recall reading on the internet (somewhere!) that Morricone wasn’t satisfied with the score for some reason, and that’s why it’s not been made available. Either way, it’s such a shame, as it’s an excellent piece of work.

I’d also like to see a soundtrack available for Garringo, love that main tune. Also (if they aren’t available somewhere already) I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly and Django Kill.

Garringo seems a popular choice then.

God’s Gun & Massacre Time

Vengeance is My Forgiveness and Black Jack. I’d also like to see one of Django Kill.