Where did you hear of this site

Just wondering how did you find out about this site.

Edit:If you found out about this site from another site please tell which site It was.

I don’t know anymore. But you are new. How did you find it?

Edit: Oh, as I read in another thread, one of your fav directors is QT, so you probably know this page from tarantino.info, don’t you?

Yeah Im rolling thunder from Tarantino.Info

hey there! nice to see you here, too!! keep on rocking and rolling

I heard about this place from another movie message board. ;D

please new members respond here first, that way I’ll know where you heard of this site from. I try to get the word out for this site, so I post a link from site to site. Thanks.

i came across it by accident looking for Christopher Frayling western books on google.com. i’m delighted

A simple search for “spaghetti western” on Google brought me here and I haven’t looked back since.

Surfing via Google, if I remember correctly.

Me too. Was lookig for a specific spaghetti western and stumbled on this site. Haven’t been away since.

The Rev was staying at my place for a couple of days in Feb…he wanted to get on this site to check stuff out and I was sitting with him…got interested and he told me about SWs in more depth…four months later I’m off to sunny Almeria and my SW collection grows bigger…cheers Rev for showing me the righteous path.

I saw it on a list on a another SW site.

some of my statistics tell me that

almost 42 percent of people come from a search engine
almost another 40 percent access the site directly (bookmarke or just typed it in)
and about 19 percent come from a referring site

in terms of referring sites, the Tarantino Archives (www.tarantino.info) ranks highest, followed by wikipedia (the english one), Shobary’s spaghetti site, the Cinefacts.de forum (i have a sexy signature there haha), the german wikipedia, Gmail (oddly enough) and… Wildeast.net :wink:

just to give you a few numbers

Funny how folk have different ‘points of view’. There’s me, on Tig’s computer thinking he’ll be off to bed and there’s a coupla ‘specialist’ nunsonthejob-dotcom sites I’ll be viewing (for purely religious reasons), and he won’t shut up. I know, I think, I’ll talk to him about spaghetti westerns until he gets bored and tells me he’s gotta go, (it works on folk down the pub)! Instead the geezer gets all excited and it’s no nuns for me.
Now I gotta share a fuckin’ room with him - sometimes my ‘faith’ is sorely challenged.

Pretty sure I saw it mentioned in a Spaghetti Western Web Board post and just popped in too see what was going on. There wasn’t much forum activity back then but that has sure taken off since :slight_smile:

Google search for “Spaghetti Western” and the rest is history…

Whilst searching for a custom DVD cover.

Ran across it years ago but wasn’t able to register until just recently. Not sure why that was, the site was always “down” or “under construction”.

must have been during those weeks/months I was setting it up back in 2006…

I think it was posted in the urinal used in MY NAME IS NOBODY. Once Terence Hill see’s it printed on the wall he steals the train and heads off for the nearest computer he can find. He told me and the rest is history :wink: