When did Corbucci lose his eye?

Apparently it was on a film.

You seem to be asking quite a few questions on Corbucci, do you mind if I ask why? Are you writing a book on him?

Doing supplementary material on two upcoming releases.

Hey…! Do any of these releases have anything to do with snow perhaps? Or possibly one armed bandits in grassy mountain locations?

In “Image et Son” (#246, Jan 1971) he says the following: “J’ai eu un accident à mes débuts: un détachement de la rétine, et je ne vois que de l’oeil gauche”.

I don’t recall if he talks about it more in the Orio Caldiron book.

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No. Neither Specialist or Great Silence.

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one armed bandits in grassy mountain locations?[/quote]

As much as The Specialist underwhelmed me, I wonder if we’ll ever see an English release.

Hate to be a wet blanket but probably not. It’s actually one of my favorites mainly because of the gorgeous locations, but compared to the rest of Corbucci’s films it’s not really well known. I’d like to know if they’d ever release a complete soundtrack, on some of the versions of the film there’s a really nice funky flute rendition of the main theme that I’d love to hear in nice stereo quality.

but compared to the rest of Corbucci’s films it’s not really well known.

Throw in WHAT AM I DOING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE REVOLUTION and I’d agree with you. Even SAMURAI and MASSACRE AT GRAND CANYON have had North American budget releases over the years, nada on either Specialist or WAIDITMOTR.
Specialist has Corbucci’s best action scenes. His rapid editing on the pre-climax gunfight is amazing.

I’m sure it has to be because of the large amount of nudity in the film, the American and British censors probably had a conniption fit about it. Either that or Corbucci didn’t have enough money to try and get an international release.

It also didn’t have any stars to speak of. I would imagine nobody cares about Johnny Halliday outside of France, even back then. With the exception of Django and WAIDITMOTR, there were recognizable faces (to English speaking audiences) in all Corbucci westerns.

Not as good as in The Mercenary and in Companeros. But better than in Django. But the shorter action was in Django also already excellent (like the Saloon shoot-out)

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I couldn’t even make it through that film. I’ll try again sometime.

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Nobody will blame you if you can’t.

Here is what it says in the Caldiron book:

On p.27 as part of a timeline of Corbucci’s life written by Caldiron:

“Nel 1950 - dopo qualche esperienza nel documentario - è assistente di Enzo Trapani per ‘Lebbra bianca’. Sul set di ‘Turri il bandito’, un altro film di Trapini a cui partecipa anche come attore, prende per sbaglio una fucilata in faccia in seguito alla quale perde la vista dell’occhio destro.”

On p.53 in Corbucci’s own words:

“Trapani mi chiamò anche per un altro film, ‘Turri il bandito’, una storia di banditi siciliani che andammo a girare vicino a Roma. Durante le riprese qualcuno mi tirò per sbaglio una fucilata in faccia. La capsula era caricata troppo forte. Persí la vista dell’occhio destro. Allora non c’era ancora il laser e non ci fu niente da fare. Stetti fermo per quasi sei mesi. Non mi scoraggiai. Questa benda nera un po’ misteriosa mi aveva reso più interesante agli occhi delle ragazze e non mi danneggiò sul lavoro perché l’incidente mi aveva dato una certa notorietà, era uno di cui si parlava.”


shot with a blank?
Thank you, Novecento.

Then again, it wasn’t successful in France either…

The Specialist has some really dynamic bits of action, I remember the scene near the end with the cart rolling out through the doors and the rifle etc.

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on some of the versions of the film there’s a really nice funky flute rendition of the main theme[/quote]

I have the version from rarelust, which I believe is a French print with Italian audio.

PS. I’m re-watching the film now and gaining a new level of appreciation. I dig it!

The french version actually does not feature the theme variation I mentioned. I found it at the end credits of a Spanish dub of the film with the title EL ESPECIALISTA (1969) on Youtube.

Really neat bit of music that I wish was included on the soundtrack. I’m also glad you enjoy the film, I can’t say it enough that it’s one of my personal favorites and I adore the costume design, stage decorations and locations, that film oozes this weird cross between ugliness and beauty that’s seems to be what Corbucci’s best at.