What's your football team?

Well, yes, but the future for Oranje looks at the moment again very promising. They have again chances for a title win in the next 2 tournaments. There is enough substance.

But Ajax will of course lose their best players to the usual money teams. Too bad they failed to reach the CL final this year, after they were so close.

Hmm, as a Frankfurt fan I hope that they beat Chelsea this evening, otherwise we have all-English finals this year. That’s probably a bit too much …

In that case I’ll support Frankfurt tonight. would be something for the club, Frankfurt in a European final.

About Oranje: yes, it looks promising. The defeat against germany shoud not mean too much: normally they both will qualify easily for Euro 2020. And in that aspect it looks promising for the Mannschaft as well. They surprised me a lot in that 2-3 game in Amsterdam. It was one of the best international games I had seen in a while, especially during a qualification tournament: for once there were two teams on the pitch who tried to play football, not only one (and another team trying to frustrate the opponent), and with younger players like Schulz, Sané and Gnabry Germany has a bright future as well

Well, it didn’t happen for Frankfurt … I felt sorry for them, they were the better team (surprisingly) and had the better chances (at least in the part of the game I saw: I watched a stream and was disconnected for a while). Then they were also one goal up in the penalty shootout, but missed their last two penalties. Chelsea looked rather poor, if they will sell Hazard to Real Madrid (and it looks like they will) and are not allowed to buy any replacement by the UEFA, they’ll be in deep trouble.

Come on Liverpool! Come on Brighton!

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As we say here in similar situations “I’m a Brighton fan since I was a little boy”

Indeed. I’m not really into football but I am watching today’s game(s) since I’m Merseyside born and bred. Should be watching The Champions League final as well work permitting.

I never miss a Liverpool game if I can help it. Hopefully we win the champions league. That’s the only compensation we’ll get for not winning the premier league. Any other season and it would have been ours with 97 points. Unbelievable! Proud of the lads anyway.

Come on Liverpool!

Well, they did it. Unfortunately in a truly sleep-inducing game. You expect a lot more from a match between two British teams. I think that early penalty more or less killed the game. Liverpool let Spurs the initiative and waited for the right moment to launch a counter attack and give the opponent the final blow; it took them an awful lot of time to do so. Spurs seemed rather harmless until the final 20 minutes or so, and then Liverpool was saved by their goal keeper a couple of times (a sort of revenge for what happened last year in the final against Real)

I have to admit I did genuinely sleep through about 75 minutes of this game. Apparently I didn’t miss much.

I remember an all-Italian final Juventus - Milan. That match was even worse. Teams from the same country know each other too well, I suppose; they have played each other a couple of times in the current season and know each others strengths and weaknesses. And what’s killing the game, is that there is no home team: a home team always feels that it has to take the initiative, in order to show something to the home crowd, but in a CL final it’s all about getting a result, no matter how, which often results in a risk-avoiding type of play. And we, at home, can get some sleep …

I think it was a Inter AC Milan final that was the worst CL final ever

Don’t think there ever was such a final, it was Juve - Milan

Indeed: the worst ever, I don’t think anything happened in 120 minutes

It was the semi final, Milan won with away goals after playing two games in San Siro, if you think about it seems a bit weird, winning with away goals in such a game.

Yes, they both played twice at home!
Not a fan of this away-goal rule anyway.

Yeah, it wasn’t the best match. Origi’s goal was the highlight of the night for me. I had a good feeling he’d be the one to score. Either way, regardless of whether it was a great final or not, I’m just happy we won. We deserved some compensation after not winning the premier league with 97 points.

It’s not the Euro or even the World Cup, but the Uefa Nation League it’s ours 1-0 against Holland

England’s match against Switzerland proves that Southgate should start Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez every time. I was surprised when he didn’t start them against the Netherlands. I would have played Henderson and Hudson-Odoi, as well.

On a sadder note, we had this horrible news over the weekend.
Words fail how much of a shock it was. He will be sadly missed by everyone at my little club.

My condolences, Phil.