What's your football team?

(Stanton) #2461

Well, yes, but the future for Oranje looks at the moment again very promising. They have again chances for a title win in the next 2 tournaments. There is enough substance.

But Ajax will of course lose their best players to the usual money teams. Too bad they failed to reach the CL final this year, after they were so close.

Hmm, as a Frankfurt fan I hope that they beat Chelsea this evening, otherwise we have all-English finals this year. That’s probably a bit too much …

(scherpschutter) #2462

In that case I’ll support Frankfurt tonight. would be something for the club, Frankfurt in a European final.

About Oranje: yes, it looks promising. The defeat against germany shoud not mean too much: normally they both will qualify easily for Euro 2020. And in that aspect it looks promising for the Mannschaft as well. They surprised me a lot in that 2-3 game in Amsterdam. It was one of the best international games I had seen in a while, especially during a qualification tournament: for once there were two teams on the pitch who tried to play football, not only one (and another team trying to frustrate the opponent), and with younger players like Schulz, Sané and Gnabry Germany has a bright future as well

(scherpschutter) #2463

Well, it didn’t happen for Frankfurt … I felt sorry for them, they were the better team (surprisingly) and had the better chances (at least in the part of the game I saw: I watched a stream and was disconnected for a while). Then they were also one goal up in the penalty shootout, but missed their last two penalties. Chelsea looked rather poor, if they will sell Hazard to Real Madrid (and it looks like they will) and are not allowed to buy any replacement by the UEFA, they’ll be in deep trouble.

(The Man With a Name) #2464

Come on Liverpool! Come on Brighton!

(El Topo) #2465

As we say here in similar situations “I’m a Brighton fan since I was a little boy”


Indeed. I’m not really into football but I am watching today’s game(s) since I’m Merseyside born and bred. Should be watching The Champions League final as well work permitting.

(The Man With a Name) #2467

I never miss a Liverpool game if I can help it. Hopefully we win the champions league. That’s the only compensation we’ll get for not winning the premier league. Any other season and it would have been ours with 97 points. Unbelievable! Proud of the lads anyway.