What's your football team?

(El Topo) #2421

Unfortenately for Sporting it will more difficult, it will be need a hell of a miracle with only game to go

(scherpschutter) #2422

Who knows, El Topo. Our situation was hopeless … I’ll cross my fingers for Sporting

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2423

Happy for you, Scherp :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #2424

Thought this might be Sporting’s year mate but I agree, it will take a miracle now for Benfica to slip up in the last game.

(scherpschutter) #2425

Yes, I had a look at the table too, seems like one more impossible dream for Sporting, but after last Sunday, I have the feeling impossible dreams can come true

(scherpschutter) #2426

Yes, I had a look at the table too, seems like one more impossible dream for Sporting, but after last Sunday, I have the feeling impossible dreams can come true

(El Topo) #2427

No bloody miracle for us, like I expected

Not only, but we lost this league because of an incredible miss from one of our best players (Bryan Ruiz) in that home lost against benfica.

Anyway its somehow strange that a team wins a league by losing 9 points against their direct rivals (Sporting and porto) and only 5 against other teams.

Hell next year will be better

(scherpschutter) #2428

I already noticed the results and congratulated Pereira on facebook

Well, Bryan Ruiz, we had him in Eindhoven too, great player, but those misses as a specialty of him as well. In Belgium he threw away a title for his team, Standard, by missing a penalty in the final minute of the last game.

(scherpschutter) #2429

I watched a game of football this morning, the great South-American clash between Brazil and Argentina. Brazil won 3-0.

In other words: Brazil are finally on their way back after their disastrous World Cup at home. Dunga - who succeeded the idiot that coached them during the tournament - still used the same players and - predictably - didn’t make much progress with them. He was fired and succeeded by a new man, the relatively unknown Tite, who created a new side and was remarkably successful, with five consecutive wins, which put them on top of the South-American qualification tournament.

Tite called back a few experienced players, notably Dani Alves and Marcelo, and of course he still has Neymar in his line-up, but otherwise he picked younger, not too well-known but ‘hungry’ players, who fit his ideas about the game. Led by a great Neymar and a truly fantastic play-maker named Coutinho, the Brazilian team looked agile and fresh against a slow, uninspired Argentine team. Several Argentine players (notably Higuain) looked overweighed and/or over their peak. The Argentines are in murkey waters now after dropping quite a lot of points. They are in sixth place now, which would imply that they wouldn’t qualify

I’m quite sure they will qualify eventually, but in this form they’re no favorites in Russia.


The game was played in belo Horizonte, where Brazil were beaten 1-7 by Germany in 2014. It was their first game in the Mineral Stadium after that horrible night

You can watch some highlights here:

(El Topo) #2430

The surprise was so much Brazil, but how bad Argentina is, after all they got Messi and not only

(scherpschutter) #2431

Truly, I was shocked by their level.

True, the Brazilian goal keeper made a terrific safe early on in the game (Biglia drop kick) and they could also have claimed a penalty after a handball in the Brazilian box, but otherwise they looked very harmless against a Brazilian team that was a surprise to me.

(Asa) #2432

Was this you, @Phil_H?


Someone at Leyton Orient managed to unfurl a blunt but quite marvellous banner in the director’s box.

I know the odious Barry Hearn tried his damnedest to engineer an environment of animosity between West Ham and Leyton Orient but I haven’t spoken to one West Ham supporter who doesn’t find it absolutely abhorrent what’s happening at Brisbane Road. Becchetti should be shot and thrown into the Thames.

(Phil H) #2433

Wasn’t me but I was in the stand opposite applauding it.
It is a modern day tragedy what is happening at my beloved club and to be honest if I started talking about it I would get into a very angry rant very quickly. Let#s just say that if you want to see what is wrong with the whole private ownership model of modern British football this could be used as a blueprint. An apparently rich Italian buys a small but perfectly healthy professional football club and within less than 3 years of taking over through a toxic mixture of egomania and base incompetence has taken to an inevitable inch of relegation out of the football league which it had previously held place in for 112 unbroken years. 2 relegations, 11 managers and now over £5 million of debt to…oh yes…himself. Last Saturday was the culmination of an almost comedic series of events whereby the few remaining players we still have on contract all went on strike, that is to say all reported injured, so we only had a team of academy players to field against a promotion seeking Cambridge Utd. It was as their manager put it, “like playing against a wounded animal”. The team we put out did their best but with a combined average age of 19 years and not a single player over 20 you can imagine how it went. Sadly, our only hope of survival as a club is if someone offers the owner the stupid price he insists he requires to sell. In the meantime he runs the club further and further into the ground. The staff haven’t been paid, the programme suppliers haven’t been paid (only a fold out now for those of us still too loyal to stop going to games), the security company haven’t been paid…and so on and so on. And the fans are completely powerless to do anything about it and the Football League officials refuse to.

And I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. Oh well. I am consoling myself by watching a lot of Baseball instead.

(scherpschutter) #2434

Sad sad sad …

(Asa) #2435

There’s a meeting scheduled between Leyton and the PFA today apparently. The players all listed themselves as “injured” for the Cambridge match because they’ve not been paid; if they’re not paid by Friday my understanding is that they’ll be free to walk away.

I’m getting this from a couple of Leyton Orient fans posting about the debacle on the West Ham forum I frequent. To quote one of them: “(Could be) a cricket score at Luton on Friday. I’m taking my calculator.”

112 years. :disappointed:

(Phil H) #2436

Which judging by recent form is probably what the owner wants. That way the only players he will have left are the academy boys he has been fielding as a first team. All of whom are on apprenticeship type wages of £150 a week. He really doesn’t care about the relegation.

(JonathanCorbett) #2437

Hey Scherp, aren’t you a big Zapata fan? :wink:

(scherpschutter) #2438

Yes, Kill them all and come back as a nerazurro :wink:

(JonathanCorbett) #2439

El Topo, your compatriot André Silva made a good start with AC Milan! :slight_smile:

(scherpschutter) #2440

There’s a new competion, called the Nations League or something. Don’t know what it’s about really, but Holland beat Germany in Amsterdam 3-0

That’s quite an upset, and although the result might have been a bit flattered for the Orange men, one cannot help wondering what the hell is going on with Löw and his team. What on earth are they thinking of? They looked incredibly poor, especially in defence, with both Boateng and Hummels playing like real veterans, being much too slow for Dutch ace striker Memphis Depay.

Maybe Löw wanted to give the players that brought him the world title in 2014 one more chance to show what they’re capable of, but the conclusion must be that it’s over for this team, Germany should go on, pick new players, build a new Mannschaft.

Comments will be very harsh on Löw and his players. If I was informed correctly, Löw was already criticized severely in the Gerlan press (@stanton) and this result won’t help him

For Holland it’s a good result, we’re on the way back, but we still have work to do