What's your football team?

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Aah, West Ham United. Throughout his tenure, Sam Allardyce mockingly asked, “What is ‘The West Ham Way’, then?”


West Ham United 1-2 Leicester City
West Ham United 3-4 AFC Bournemouth

…And yet…

Arsenal 0-2 West Ham United
Liverpool 0-3 West Ham United (My esteemed brethren at the SWDB should know that this is a HUGE deal for us. The last time we won a game at Anfield? 1963. That wasn’t a typo: Nineteen hundred and sixty-three)
West Ham United 2-0 Newcastle United
Manchester City 1-2 West Ham United

THAT - the highs and the lows - is ‘The West Ham Way’ Mr. Allardyce, You mouthy preening twatspasm.

WHUFC Manager Slaven Bilic: Too sexy for anywhere but West Ham, clearly

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That would be my cousin on the picture above. Don’t know him pearsonaly, altough I’ve met him once ages ago (if I remember correctly he was in Springsteen t-shirt then). We miss him on Croatia’s bench, national team hasn’t played well since he left. Guess I too could cheer for West Ham this season…

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Great Saturday, Chelsea beating Arsenal, the hammers beating Man City.

Not good Sunday, both Man Utd and Tottenham won.

Can’t have it all good :smiley:

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No, PSV lost, Ajax won

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Lewandoswki made yesterday 5 goals within 9 min for Bayern against Wolfsburg. And he played only in the second half. Bayern won 5:1

An all time record?

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Well Wolfsburg has Dante in the team

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[quote=“Stanton, post:2345, topic:527”]Lewandoswki made yesterday 5 goals within 9 min for Bayern against Wolfsburg. And he played only in the second half. Bayern won 5:1

An all time record?[/quote]

Probably is. I can’t remember seeing anything similar in professional football. Normally those things only happen when youth teams meet: the difference in quality is often enormous and you get results like 17-1 for example. When I was a kid, I often played teams from PSV and EVV Eindhoven with players of my age, and I remember a game in which we were beaten 11-0. One of the players in the PSV team was Paul Posthuma, who later played for the first team of PSV; he scored six or seven goals in that game.

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I can’t find it now, but I’m sure I read a report somewhere (ESPN? Bleacher Report? BBC? Can’t recall) listing a few records that he took there: fastest hat-trick ever in the Bundesliga, fastest four goals from one player ever in the Bundesliga, fastest five goals from one player ever in the Bundesliga or in any major European league since Opta started recording stats, fewest touches taken to score five goals (he’d only taken something like ten touches between coming on and scoring his fifth goal), first substitute ever to hit a more than a hat-trick in the Bundesliga…

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Hell The Netherlands are down by 3 nil agiasnt the Czech Rupublic playing in their home

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Yes, over and out for [size=12pt]Oranje[/size]. They came back to 2-3 (and were denied a clear penalty), but it was embarrassing, so embarrassing that I’m almost (almost) happy that it’s all over. This team in the Euro 2016 would’ve been a disgrace, and a real torture for Dutch football fans. We’ll have to start all over again. Simple as that.

We’re in the B-League now, not good enough for a tournament of 24 teams (from Europe)

Sad, very sad, but true

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Phil mate good news

$#$benfica!#&% 0 -[size=12pt] Sporting C.P.[/size] 3 (only)

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[quote=“El Topo, post:2351, topic:527”]Phil mate good news

$#$benfica!#&% 0 -[size=12pt] Sporting C.P.[/size] 3 (only)[/quote]

Wow, missed it, going to look for some highlights (don’t tell Pereira)

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[quote=“El Topo, post:2351, topic:527”]Phil mate good news

$#$benfica!#&% 0 -[size=12pt] Sporting C.P.[/size] 3 (only)[/quote]

Been up in Yorkshire for the past few days so only just seen this.
Excellent result, mate. Great header from Slimani too. He is a machine in the air.
Viva Sporting! Not surprising you had one wine over the twelve.
Hope the head feels better today.

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Thought I loaded up the highlights of the game. Probably another thread

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Blatter admits the Russians had been given WC2018 before voting began:


I’m sure the English, Spanish/Portuguese and Belgian/Dutch FAs will all have the tens of millions they spent on their bids reimbursed by FIFA now (yeah, right)…

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Watching the England Holland friendly tonight on the telly.
Not much quality so far except the England goal which was a good move. England probablt worth their 1-0 lead so far but Holland should have had a penalty early on.

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I was watching the Portugal - Belgium game (2-1 so far), not much quality either. Well, Cristiano Ronaldo had his moments, but the coach took him off. Otherwise: sleep inducing

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I’ve seen worst friendlies, the first half wasn’t bad. Belgium had an all eleven out of the game due to injuries, so they will be among the favourites in the next Euro

As for us we do have a new generation of good players, but then we still don’t have a pure 9 a matador, so Ronaldo is wasted playing as a striker, instead of playing in the left wing, but hey at least I can see a future beyond Ronaldo for the national team

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First half was okay, for a friendly, but the second was, what shall I say (I used the term sleep-inducing already)

Belgium will have too improve, at least if they want to win the tournament, and everybody seems be counting on that overhere. I’m not sure Kompany will play, he’s almost permanently injured; I’m not a real Kompany fan (he always makes these minor mistakes), but without him the Belgium defensive line looks like a bunch of sheep with no dog leading them.

But the Red Devils played of course without a few other aces, so we’ll have to wait and see what they’re really capable of.

Portugal? Well, if you have Ronaldo, you’re always capable of something … Few defenders can stop him if he’s in good shape. Let’s hope he’ll be 100% fit this summer. It hurts they eye to see him struggling with his own body like he did on the last World Cup