What's your football team?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2261

Didn’t see the highlights, only saw the Chelsea v Maribor game then fell asleep. I wanted to too, there was 40 goals.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2262

Good night for me, good night for Topo :slight_smile:

(El Topo) #2263

Just arrived from Alvalade, there was a problem with the floodlights so the game with Maribor had a 45 or more minutes break, three parts.

Yodlaf, tell Mourinho to play with the reserves agaisnt us, a tie is enought. Anyway even with a Nani in great shape, Europa league may be more suited for us, if we want to win something in Europe and not just money.

(scherpschutter) #2264

The essential thing in relation to the Champions’ League, for the bulk of the teams, is to qualify for it. It’ll get you a lot of money.

If you want to win something, for most teams it’s better to become third in the group, and go to the Euro League. Teams like Sporting, Ajax, or even most British and German teams can only hope to win the Euro League, the Champions’ League is there for the likes of Bayern, Barça, Real, maybe Chelsea, Dortmund or ManU. But that’s it.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2265

Sorry Pedro.

(Asa) #2266

Fourth at Christmas. It’s never going to get this good again, so I’m going to preen about it for a second or two.

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Thank you for your time, gentlemen.

(scherpschutter) #2267

Always had a soft spot for West Ham myself, probably the shirt, this colour combination is wonderful.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2268

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:2267, topic:527”]Always had a soft spot for West Ham myself, probably the shirt, this colour combination is wonderful.[/quote]What about Aston Villa and Burnley?

(Asa) #2269

Well, yes, but those shirts are hampered by being Aston Villa or Burnley shirts. It’s like having a fancy dishrag. It’s still just a dishrag. West Ham carry those same colours with so much more… I dunno; panache? Joi de vivre? Simple, honest-to-goodness style and swagger? Beauty, even? Poetry? Yes, I think it might be all of those things.


(scherpschutter) #2270

I didn’t think of dishrags but otherwise I have the same feelings, the Aston Villa shirt never did anything for me, those colours belong to West Ham, they are West Ham, like Blue and Black means Nerazurri means Inter and Angelic White means Royal means Real.

(Phil H) #2271

Unfortunately, the current Wet Sham shirt doesn’t use the pleasing combination at all well. All claret and no blue. Burnley are the only ones using it properly at the moment. Although, I don’t actually like football any more so I don’t know why I am bothering to talk about it. >:( >:( >:(

(Asa) #2272

I know things are looking bad - awful, even; really, really poor - for the O’s Phil, but you’ve got to stay positive, got to keep looking on the bright side: West Ham are doing superbly well. So there’s always that. :slight_smile: xxx

(scherpschutter) #2273

What a line-up, by the way …

(Asa) #2274

Indeed. A wee bit before my time, most of those boys, but a wicked combo of guile and steel there, for sure. Hurst, Peters and of course Bobby Moore there, but to Bobby’s left there is the unstoppable Billy Bonds (“6 foot 2, eyes of blue, Billy’s coming after you…”), who served his club for 21 years and over 650 appearances. To Bobby’s right, John Charles, West Ham’s first black player at top level and the first black player to be capped by England at any level (sadly taken from us far too young by cancer, as was his brother Clive who also represented West Ham and who in 1972 formed, alongside Ade Coker and Clyde Best, the first trio of black players ever to take to the field for any one side in the top flight in English football, a feat often miscredited to Ron Atkinson’s West Bromwich Albion in 1978). And a motley trio indeed to Geoff Hurst’s right on the front row: Harry “Bungpuss” Redknapp, possibly only marginally more popular at the Boleyn than Hitler, possibly; the wonderful one-club servant Ronnie Boyce, and in the middle of the picture, The Messiah, The One True God, Sir Trevor Brooking, CBE.

(El Topo) #2275

Isn’t West Ham that has a big and famous rivalry with Millwall.

(Asa) #2276

That’s right, yes. Like all the great rivalries, it’s borne as much from our similarities as anything else. Very close, just either side of the Thames, both from shipbuilding origins. Both clubs had, in the past, awful and shameful reputations for crowd violence but both have done much to try to stamp that out, and both clubs have had a lot of success in that, it has to be said. The divisions in English football separated us for many years, though. Despite both clubs’ successes in curbing the violence for which they’d become infamous, we both experienced a cringeworthy return to the hooligan era when we played each other for the first time in a long time, in a cup match in 2009http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1209028/Man-stabbed-West-Ham-Millwall-fans-brawl-outside-stadium.html; assorted vicious melees around the perimeter of the Boleyn Ground (our home) combined with some pitiful scenes within the ground of scumbags from both sets of support invading the pitch, attempting to recreate the “good old days.” Still, last time we met (West Ham spent season 11/12 in The Championship, England’s second tier of professional football, so we played Millwall home and away that year) things were decidedly less eventful, thankfully.

(Phil H) #2277

Yes, West Ham back at their finest inthat line up, Scherp.

As for the O’s this season, it is just one of those situations that beggars belief. Only a couple of players lost from the heroes of last season and theoretically some more quality brought in but no comparison between the two sides. And off the field with our new Italian ownership we have become a circus sideshow seemingly only there to serve a third rate Italian television show. We have gone from stability to utter utter chaos in the space of a few months. And the really tragic thing is the supporters, those people who actually care the most, have no say or place in what is done at the club. A perfect example of what is wrong with the current English model of clubs being merely commodities to be bought and sold and ruined at the whim of whichever wealthy idiot fronts up with sufficient cash.

(Asa) #2278

I don’t know how you fellas took it at the time, but from the outside looking in it appeared that these Italians actually meant business, and that it might be the start of something… well, not Man City big, but something positive, something real, at Brisbane Road. FWIW, we had a similar twitch of nervous, excited anticipation when we were bought out by the Icelandics who, in the end, almost sent us to the wall. That whole period makes me feel ill just thinking about it, and we were in the Prem. Sod having similar fckwits toying with the club while we’re dangling over League 2. We know it’s not reciprocated but in all seriousness a lot of West Ham fans are keen Orient observers, naturally I guess, and few are enjoying what’s happening over there. No one wants to see another club go under, certainly not Orient.

Well, we WOULD like to see Sheff UTD go under, but that’s different. I want those blunt wankers to go under, get wound up, and see that nest levelled and turned into a Tesco car-park. And I will go up there and dance on that tarmac, by Christ. Dance a fcking fandango, I will.

(Phil H) #2279

To be honest we really didn’t know what to think and that is the point of the problem. For every Abramovich there are three or four types of the Icelandic banker variety. And as supporters you never have any idea what you will get. With no dependable fit and proper system of ownership actually in place. It seems to me the German model of running football clubs makes much more sense. Although I expect the whole RB Leipzig scenario will be putting that to the test over the next few seasons. And of course, you don’t need a new foreign owner to send your team into unexplainable free fall on the pitch. Hello Borussia Dortmund.

(scherpschutter) #2280

[quote=“last.caress, post:2278, topic:527”]No one wants to see another club go under, certainly not Orient.*

Well, we WOULD like to see Sheff UTD go under, but that’s different. I want those blunt wankers to go under, get wound up, and see that nest levelled and turned into a Tesco car-park. And I will go up there and dance on that tarmac, by Christ. Dance a fcking fandango, I will.[/quote]

Don’t know the history of this animosity, but it sure made me laugh for an hour or so