What's this for a Film?

I give it 4/10

I checked it in the Bruckner. US director, so I call it an US western shot in Spain.

I can make you a copy.

Say 5 /10 for Four Rode Out.

Thanks Ennioo and Stanton ! :slight_smile:
I think, i must watch the film !

And, there are any infos about the other western ? ???

Well I agree with Staton I’ve seen a Spanish dubbed version of Four rode out aka “Cuatro cabalgaron” and normal stuff, the only thing different form a normal US western, was the fact that it was shot in Almeria, so closest Leslie Nielson was from a SW.

One of the film you must meant must be La guerrillera de Villa, if so its a Mexican/Spanish production with a Spanish actress in the main part, the lovely Carmen Sevilla, and filmed in Mexico (not in Spain). I have a copy somewhere started watching but never got to the finish, it didn’t seem like a bad flick more a romantic story, a typical Spanish/Mexican film of the period, but with more romance and less Zapata or Villa in this case than SW the Zapata ones

Thanks for infos about the Villa film ! :slight_smile: